HUD Improvements Incoming

By The Paragon Team

With the v.44 patch, we’re releasing the first step toward a new HUD for Paragon. These changes set the right foundation for us to build upon.

We have two main goals while rebuilding the HUD:
  1. Prioritize critical combat information
  2. Clarify what is going on around you

The changes we make towards these goals should help you play more effectively and dominate in moment to moment combat.

Everything Has Changed


You’ll see in the screenshot above that just about every aspect of the HUD has changed. Elements have moved, the art style has been refreshed, and new features have been added. 

Some of the new features are long-requested items, such as Team Frames. Now you can see the state of your allies and enemies at all times, giving you better at-a-glance game state information.

Other features changed to better emphasize what you need to know in the heat of combat. For example, when you attempt to use an ability that is on cooldown or costs too much mana, you’ll now have a more prominent alert near your reticle.

We’ve also opted to be more explicit about various game states. Buffs have moved to the top left where they now spell out what status effects are currently applied. We also added text like “slow” and “stun” over Heroes to more clearly communicate status effects on allies and enemies. We’ve found that this has greatly helped players understand what is happening during combat.

Embracing Options

One of our philosophies for this new HUD is to embrace options. Paragon is played by a wide range of players with different needs from the UI. As a result, we’ve added many options so that each player can customize their HUD and make it their own. 

You’ll see a first glimpse of this in v.44, but expect a ton of more options to be introduced in the coming patches.

Muscle Memory

One thing to keep in mind as you’re playing the new HUD is that it’ll some time to get used to. If you’ve played 500+ games of Paragon, expect to spend some time learning where to find things like the clock, team comms, death timers, and health bars.

Some of the old behavior from the previous HUD can be restored via options.

What’s Next?

We’re not done! This is only a first step, and we intend to continue to work on this in the upcoming patches. Some of the items we want to add include:
  • Hero-Specific UI (check out Twinblast in v.44 to see this in action)
  • Context-Sensitive Pings
  • Incapacitate Alerts
  • Card States (yes, stacks!)
  • Quest Progress Notifications
  • Advanced Stats
  • Target Frame

You can expect features like this and additional polish over the next several weeks.

-The Paragon Team

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