Log in and Get Stuff

By The Paragon Team


How do you feel about free shiny things? Well good, we also love them.

In our V.38.3 update we are introducing a ‘Daily Login bonus’. Show up to game and get yourself rewards ranging from Boosts/Coins to Skin Variations/Diamond Chests. You might notice that Hero unlocks are also included on the calendar, fear not if you are an existing player this won’t affect you.

Wait, you’re telling me that all I do is login and I get a thing? Yes, that's correct.


You might have also noticed some new colors surrounding the various items in the Daily Login calendar, those are our new rarities. They are as follows:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Additionally in the incoming update, we have changed the way our random rewards work... with chests! Wherever you would have received a random reward, you will now receive a chest (e.g. Account Level-Up, Hero Mastery, New Daily Login).

Over the next few weeks/months you will be seeing more opportunities to acquire in-game rewards just by logging and playing Paragon. Keep an eye out for additional blog posts for updates on features and when they will hit the game!

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