Mid-Year Update 2017

By The Paragon Team

Hey Paragon community,

Thanks for all your support this year. It’s been awhile since our last roadmap update, so we think it’s about time for another. We’re using the rest of 2017 to finish the full game so we can drop the Beta tag in early 2018. We couldn’t do this without you.

This year so far:
  • We’ve reached 7.3 Million registered players.
  • Released eight new heroes.
  • Shipped 24 updates since February.
  • Introduced Banners, New Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rewards, and more.
Let’s take a look at what we have in store for the rest of 2017.

New Card System
As we outlined here, we’re shipping the new Card System in v.42. Instead of making small iterations, we’ve decided to make a large change that overhauls the system entirely and gives cards a larger impact on gameplay.

The new card system is the foundation for the future of Paragon. It won’t be perfect right from the start, but it will be continuously refined.
Updates to Monolith
The visual update for Monolith is targeted to arrive this August in v.42. We would not call this the final art update, as we will always continue to improve the map from a visual, gameplay, and performance perspective. That being said, it looks really really awesome right now (see below). 

Once the initial visual update is released, we will continue to refine and optimize the map based on player feedback and internal testing. One area we know we will need to address is the river, specifically widening it for better team fights. We will continue making changes like this, as well as performance updates even after we drop the Beta tag.

Monolith Gameplay Rebalance
Earlier this year, we proposed releasing a faster three-lane mode in addition to Monolith. Instead, we are integrating some those changes directly into Monolith. That means game balance, attack speed, and in-game economy will all be changed.

The goal here is to keep the strategy of a MOBA while making the moment-to-moment gameplay feel better for every hero. These speed, economy, and balance changes are building blocks for future of Paragon.

The v.42 update increases the overall attack speed across all Heroes, speeds up the base rate of player economy (faster in-game XP), and adjusts all Hero abilities to balance them in this new meta. This will be a big change to how you play Paragon, expect a few games to adjust.

Future Modes
Yes, the data miners speak truth: there will be a new map and mode some time before we drop the Beta tag. We have been working on a short, fun brawler mode intended as a 10-15 minute clash of mayhem. There will still be towers and minions, but you’ll have fewer lanes and a larger focus on Hero-to-Hero combat.

This is the first of many future modes for Paragon. PVE modes are still in the pipeline, but will come after v.42 and the brawler mode.

On the Horizon:
  • Hero Reworks (more than a dozen)
  • Matchmaking 2.0
  • New Minions & Jungle Monsters
  • HUD Overhaul
  • Character Voiceovers
  • Better Onboarding
  • Voice Comms
  • Competitive Play...wait what?
Competitive Play
We are committed to growing Competitive Play; whether in the form of Ranked, broadcast esports, or something new. Getting Competitive right is a huge task, it calls for a very refined core game. In order to have the best Competitive Play we need to have:
  • Balanced in-game economy and gameplay
  • Card system that’s clear and impactful
  • Updated Monolith map
  • Accurate and precise matchmaking
  • ALL Heroes fully viable in the meta

We’re trying to do all those things, with many improvements coming in v.42!

What about esports? We have been running our first exhibition event and the finals take place August 4-6. We’ve learned a lot running this event. Most importantly, we’ve learned that players do want to see Paragon as an broadcast event. We’ll be announcing our plans for the next Paragon broadcast event after the exhibition, sometime in August.
Growing the Community
In our last update, we outlined letting the game grow organically during its early stages. We’ve been pretty stable in size with almost no marketing push this year. This is because you, the players, have brought friends into the game. We love you for that vote of confidence!

With all of the work above we’re getting closer to a full launch next year. You’ll see more marketing around Paragon post v.42. We’re ready to accelerate the game’s growth and hope that your referrals continue to be a huge part of that.

     -     The Paragon Team

P.S. - We are growing the Paragon team significantly over the next few months. Keep an eye here for Dev, Pub, and Support roles if you’re interested or know someone who should be.

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