Monolith Visual Update Delay

By The Paragon Team

Hey Paragon Community,

After much internal debate, we’re delaying the Monolith visual update until v.43 in September. We know it’s a bummer and we’re sorry we can’t deliver it on August 8.

Why the delay?  We want more time with the map running in-game to make sure it is up to the highest performance, stability, and gameplay balance standards. This extra time will allow the internal team to playtest, bug fix, and optimize the map so you have a solid experience when you play.

Our team created a truly beautiful map that will make Paragon feel more alive. It is equipped with two distinct sides with very unique characteristics that allow you to easily identify where you are on the map. We’ve also added a lot of water elements to Monolith, including the giant orb of water that looms over the Dawn side of the map.


From an art standpoint, the map is nearly complete and that is why we have been sharing images (including the new ones in this blog). These will be the last we share for awhile, but will give you a more in depth look at the map before we launch in September.

Again, we’re truly sorry for the delay. The Monolith visual update we deliver in v.43 will be a better play experience and a big step forward for Paragon. Moving the map back also allows us some more focused QA time with the big changes coming in v.42.


We can’t wait for you to play the new changes coming in v.42 on August 8.

- The Paragon Team


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