Monolith Visual Update and Jungle Changes

By The Paragon Team

You may notice a few map changes coming to Monolith with the release of v.39. First, these are not the only map and visuals changes on the way. Improving the visual quality of Monolith will continue in the months ahead but you’ll notice these initial visual enhancements and changes in just a few days.
Some of you on high settings or PS4 Pros will notice foliage growing once again (yay, grass!) Everyone will be able to view the new structural texturing that is more in line with the direction we’re heading. These structural changes will replace the visuals we were temporarily using with the release of Monolith in December.

The other major changes you’ll notice are those in the Jungle. The layout has been redesigned to improve:
  1. Layout flow, jungle camp spacing, and the Amber Link location.
  2. Improve the entrance and exit location readability.
  3. Improve combat spaces, tight corners.

What you’ll quickly realize is that:
  • The jungle camps are in new locations. The same number of camps remain.
  • The Jungle Jump Pad has been removed.
  • Collision on the map has been improved. There are less sticky corners and ledges, along with less exploitable wards and ability placement.
  • The Raptor pit has an entirely new layout. There are improved collision issues and better placement for midlaner rotations.  
The Jungle Jump Pad removal is to mitigate easy getaways and fast rotations. There were additional location issues and interference's from towers that also did not meet our design goals.

We want to make exploitable wards or ledges a thing of the past and we continue to work to correct them with our updates. Please make sure to send any exploits our way and we’ll continue to get rid of those pesky wards that you can’t hit but you can see dangling high in the trees above you.

All of these changes are hitting in v.39 along with the new Hero being announced on Thursday!


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