New Hero Reveal: Drongo

By The Paragon Team

We’d like to introduce you to the latest Hero! We call this zoning ranged marauder… Drongo. You’ll be able to play Drongo starting Tuesday, August 29. Get your first look at Drongo below.

Drongo (Marauder / Attacker / Zoner / Sieger), the master of the scrapyard, has a tool for every situation. Though living in the chem wastes of Omeda has affected his mind, it has only made him more fearless and given him a keen sense for blowing things up.

  • Old Rusty (RMB/L2) - Drongo throws his trusty boomerang, dealing damage and slowing enemies hit. The boomerang will deal damage on the way out and when it returns to him.
  • Gag Grenade (Q/R1)  - Throw a tear gas grenade to a target location, and upon exploding it creates a silence field. Enemies will not be able to use abilities when inside the gas.
  • Rad Rounds  (E/L1) - Load Drongo’s revolver with Uranium tipped bullets. Landing attacks applies stacking radiation, which deal burst damage after a delay.
  • Shrapnel Cannon (R/L1+R1) - Drongo unleashes his cannon full of shrapnel, dealing a huge burst in front of him which shreds armor and knock back close enemies. The blast is so powerful that Drongo himself is knocked back by the ability. 

As always, all Heroes in Paragon are free, so jump in as Drongo on Tuesday, August 29 . If you can't wait to get your Paragon fix, you don't have to - Paragon is in Free Open Beta, so you can download and play today.


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