Paragon Exhibition 2017 - Group Stage, Competitive Banners, and more

Paragon Exhibition 2017 - Group Stage, Competitive Banners, and more

By The Paragon Team

Hey Paragon Community,

Last week, we broke down both Regional Qualifiers leading up to Paragon’s first ever official tournament and also announced a new total prize pool of $30,000. This week, four teams head to Raleigh, NC to compete in Paragon’s first exhibition tournament on August 4-6. Here’s all the info you need to know for this week’s activities.

Let’s talk prizing. Below is a breakdown of the monetary prizing up for grabs by the teams. Good luck to everyone!
  • 1st place - $12,500
  • 2nd place - $7,500
  • 3rd place - $5000
  • 4th place - $5000
The tournament will kick off each day at 11am EST on Be sure to tune in for the Finals on Sunday, August 6 and stick around after for the first live matches on the v.42 update!


The Group Stage bracket is now set and it’s only fitting we we kick things off with one of Paragon’s oldest rivalries. The North American Qualifier Champions, Reborn, will be facing off against European powerhouse Toronto Esports in game one. These two teams have been doing battle on Agora since the Legacy days and are recognized as two of Paragon’s fiercest adversaries. Game two opens with the European Qualifier Champions, Think Twice, taking on a hungry Team Oxygen NA. Think Twice proved they were the real deal by tearing down their competition in the Qualifiers while Team Oxygen NA is looking to prove they are still top dog without their long time support MartyRivia. 

We’ll have a rotating lineup of casters featuring some familiar faces from the community and Epic Games. Let’s introduce you to our community casters below.


Shane Lynch - Caster 
Long time community caster and organizer Shane Lynch will be joining us on the casting desk. Shane has time and again shown his passion for Paragon through his involvement in the PCL (Paragon Competitive League) and is now a staple in the competitive scene.


Sarah a.k.a. “Pookie” - Host
Pookie will be lending her skills to the tournament as host. Pookie has been a part of Paragon since the Legacy days and truly displayed her commitment to the community and fellow players through her streaming and social interaction.


To commemorate Paragon’s First Exhibition Tournament and allow you to show regional pride for your teams, we are adding three new limited time banners to the game. Grab the Stand United, Union, and Brotherhood banners from the in-game store and plant them on enemy bodies after you defeat them. These banners are available from August 1 - 14 and are 600 coins each.

We’re extremely excited to host the official start of competitive play in Paragon and will see you in the twitch chat August 4 - 6 on starting at 11 AM EST! 

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