Paragon Official Tournament Rules Announcement

By The Paragon Team

Competitive play in Paragon is at the forefront of how we approach development for the game. We have been working toward introducing our first official ruleset for tournament play, and we’re happy to share our first version of those tournament rules with you today.

Official Ruleset

Tournament Organizers can begin implementing and using these rules right away,  and can tournaments@epicgames.com Epic Games for official support and recognition as a sanctioned tournament. We will review each request individually before approving a Tournament Organizer as a sanctioned tournament. This is our first step of many that we will take in order to grow Paragon’s competitive community. We will quickly iterate on this first version of the rules after watching them in play by the community.

We recognize that we still have a long way to go! That being said, you can expect our first exhibition tournament in the coming months, and we’ll have details on how you can participate and qualify in the weeks ahead.

Stay tuned!

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