Tales of Agora - Alive Again p.1

By The Paragon Team

Greetings Paragon Community,

We are excited to announce our first ever Hero themed-week. This week we are focusing on the elusive assassin, Countess. During Countess’ Hero Week, you can expect to see some thematic content rolling out both in and out of game.

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Throughout the week we will be highlighting some of our favorite Countess pieces from the past and present. Expect to see our social channels featuring everything from awesome art to cosplay to video guides and more!

Lore HYPE!?

Today we answer the eternal question, “When is Paragon Lore coming?”. Paragon lore is something that we know the community has been longing for and we are excited to share part one of our short story titled, “Alive Again”. This is our first piece of Hero lore from what we are calling, “Tales of Agora”, and it’s something we’d like to continue doing going forward. However, we need your feedback. Is this something you would like to see continued in the future? Did you enjoy part one? Leave feedback in the comments below or on one of our official social channels!
Without further ado, we present part one of..


Alive Again

By: The Paragon Lore Team

Two young noblewomen leaned against each other on a divan, their throats agape. Past their lifeless bodies, a woman and a man danced in an elegantly appointed ballroom—one smiling, the other sweating. The only sound was the scrape of the woman’s heels on the polished floor.

“Countess,” the nobleman said. “The rural nobles grow restless. They ask after their daughters, and—”

“Oh Vitali, if you are no longer useful, I can make other arrangements,” Countess breathed into his ear. She held the man close, her nails piercing his back and keeping his posture straight.  “Surely you don’t expect me to accept common serfs?”

Baron Vitali’s facade cracked. “Never, my lady. I will continue to offer you tribute—”

“I thought you might.” For centuries she’d witnessed the petty, tedious, unchanging nature of humanity. None of it surprised her. She felt as if she were repeating conversations she’d had fifty years ago.

A tapping on the door saved her from having to carry on this farce.

“Come,” Countess called sweetly, and the door opened to reveal a terrified page.

“My lady, there’s a foreigner in the square, demanding to see you! With huge armor!”

“Well,” she said. “Visitors to our city are rare enough, but making demands is a bit rude, don’t you think, Baron?”

She strode toward the balcony door, the page shrinking from her as she passed. “Good boy,” she murmured. “Tell everyone that there will be a fresh corpse in the square by morning.”

She stepped onto the balcony and surveyed her city. Gray buildings huddled under Velikov’s perpetually cloudy sky.  Sunset had passed, and her people were huddled in their homes, terrified of the darkness.

A cacophony of yelling and clashing steel reached her ears.

Is someone fighting? In my city?

Countess crouched on a rooftop and looked down at the square, lit by the scant moonlight forcing its way through the clouds. A tall woman clad in an enormous suit of armor dominated the plaza. She held a great axe in one hand and a massive shield in the other.

Three of Velikov’s guardsmen lay at her feet, bleeding and unconscious. The warrior seemed unfazed by the fight she’d just won.

As Countess considered her next move, the woman looked directly up at her, pointing the axe.

“You! I tried to tell your lackeys that my quarrel wasn’t with them, but they wouldn’t listen!”

Countess dropped effortlessly to the cobbled square, drew her twin blades, and considered the woman. “Ah,” she murmured. “Whom did I kill? A lover? A sibling?”

“My father! He was a merchant, traveling to—”

“Spare me the details, child. I won’t remember any of them.”

“I will have—”

“—Justice. Yes, yes. I am familiar with it. Shall we?” As she finished speaking, Countess leapt forward, blades poised to take the woman’s eyes.

The warrior pounded her great axe onto her own shield, sending out a shockwave that threw Countess back, slamming her into the side of a building. She slid to the ground.

Dazed, she scrambled back to her feet, shaking her head. It had been a long time since she’d felt pain like that. This could be interesting.

The warrior charged, axe held high.

Countess reached for the darkness... and vanished. She reappeared on the warrior’s back and brought her swords arcing down, but the woman spun around, slamming the shield into her and throwing her to the ground. She landed, rolling to soften the impact.

How could this armored woman move so fast? If she was not augmented by magic, she must have spent years in training. Just for me? Countess thought. I’m flattered.

The woman was almost upon her again, swinging her great axe. Countess rolled aside an instant before it cut into the cobblestones, throwing sparks. She leapt to her feet — but the warrior’s shield bashed her. She felt her ribs shatter and her ankle snap as she tumbled to the ground again.

Armored feet kicked and stomped her. Blows from the shield rained down upon her. She dodged most, rolling and twisting, but there were too many. In desperation, she crawled between the warrior’s legs and dragged herself to her feet. She could only limp toward the center of the square, trying to get her bearings.

“I am Terra,” the warrior declared, coming after her. “I will free this land from you and lay my father’s soul to rest.”

Countess tripped over an unconscious guardsman. She rolled onto her back and looked up to see the warrior, axe raised, ready to end it.

But the woman paused, glaring down at her. Her eyes darted past Countess.

That hesitation was all Countess needed. She reached for the darkness, further than she ever had before. Her body nearly ripped apart, existing for a moment in two places at once. Then she was gone.


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