The Agoran Art Trial

By Chris_Attalus

The long-awaited re-work to the Card System will be released in August. While we all anxiously await this new system, we wanted to give you a chance to help us finish what has been started. Beginning right now, we are holding a contest in which you can submit your original Card Art for a chance to have it added to the game! Yes, this means that you have the opportunity to have your art appear on one of the new Cards for the Card System re-work.

The contest begins today, July 11 and runs until July 17. Send us your best by July 17 at 11:59 EDT to be eligible. For the full rules, head over to this blog! Below are the details on the specific card we are looking for art submissions for.

Upon receiving all of the submissions, we will review them and announce the winners on July 21st. Selected winners will receive the following:

  • Grand Prize Winner: Card Art used in-game + Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics Card + Paragon Swag Bag
  • Honorable Mentions (2): Paragon Swag Bag

Card Details

Affinity: Growth

Passive Effect Name: Growing Strength (PASSIVE)

Ability: Gain 5 Power and 50 Max Health every minute for 15 minutes

Judgement Criteria

We will be judging based on three different criteria:

  • Creativity
    • Did you manage to represent the Card in a creative or innovative manner?
  • Quality
    • Did the content display a high level of quality (including as described in the Card Art Submission Guidelines below) while capturing the Card? 
  • Clarity
    • How well did you capture the purpose of the Card?

Send us your full high-resolution submissions (submission guidelines below) to the theagoranarttrial@paragon.com email using the subject line “The Agoran Art Trial”. After this, please feel free to share it on your social channels using #AgoranArtTrial. Use the above images as reference for your art.

Card Art Submission Guidelines


  • Dimensions: 790 width x 1260 height
    • This is the minimum deliverable resolution. The highest resolution you can provide is best.
  • Format: PSD/PSB preferred. PNG/TGA are also acceptable.
  • Please use a third party file storage solution like Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.com to transfer the files, rather than sending the file directly via email.
  • All submissions must be sent digitally. Please do not mail deliverables via post.


  • Create a focal point on characters (beings, creatures, objects, environments) in a dynamic scenario. Give your cards a sense of personality or implied narrative.
  • Create strong lines of action leading to the focal point.
  • Please retain the layers in your document if possible.
  • Present your subject in vertical orientation.
  • Give the predominant character in the scene a dynamic pose. Suggest action or intent with your pose!
  • Suggest a dominant Light source. Help define your characters' shapes with strong lighting, and consider rim and bounce lights in a complementary color.
  • Follow the dominant color palette for the card's affinity:
    • Order - White / Eggshell Blue / Yellow
    • Death - Purple / Indigo / Navy
    • Chaos - Red / Magenta / Orange
    • Knowledge - Blue / Cyan
    • Growth - Green / Verdant / Brown
  • Adhere to Affinity Subject Matter


  • Don't feature characterless, inanimate objects or floating objects, Give your card personality! The exception to this is an implied story involving inanimate objects: A weathered tome clutched by a fallen adventurer, scorched by dragonfire.
  • Don't focus on overwrought detail / Pillow rendering. This goes along with having a strong and consistent light source.
  • Low value range / overall dark composition
  • Try to avoid explicit style inherent to other studios, or CCGs
  • Avoid using pure white / pure black
  • Avoid decoupage style photo bashing
  • Avoid interior bordering. The card art will have a border and inset line-art flourish applied in-game, so try to avoid conflicting with those elements.
  • Avoid pencil / watercolor style with excessive material media grain
  • Avoid horizontal layout (Unless expressly triptych). Some card art will be explicitly designed to be distributed among a series of cards, all other art should fit, self-contained in the upright orientation.
  • Please avoid representing underage characters in suggestive poses
  • No Animated Artwork.
  • No Text.
  • No Nudity.
  • No depictions of underage violence.
  • No explicit violence, blood, gore, or viscera.
  • No shocking, horrific, unsettling imagery. (Follow ESRB T, PEGI 12, CERO C Guidelines)

Things to Consider

  • Foreground/Silhouette: Make your major shapes stand out so that your card is recognizable at small size / at a distance.
  • If characters aren't making eye contact with each other as per the scenario, try having them make eye contact with the viewer to make a more compelling connection

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