The Direction and Future of Paragon

By The Paragon Team

It’s been some journey this year. Big changes in some places, small changes in others; all changes marching toward the path of full release. Here’s a quick, general recap of 2017 (in no particular order):

Reworked 9 Legacy Heroes


Released 11 new Heroes (will be 12)


Next year we’re releasing Paragon out of Open Beta and into a full, worldwide launch. What does that mean for you and what major features are left to work on?

Game Direction

Our vision is for Paragon to be gratifying, fluid and fun. All design decisions are meant to create a MOBA where you’re taken into the thick of battle and the choices you make determine if you win or lose. We are building on the core MOBA pillars that you’ve grown to know and love while also carving a new path that clearly defines Paragon. We think we’re closer than ever to creating that unique ‘Paragon experience’.

That doesn’t mean we won’t shake things up a bit more before launch.

Getting here hasn’t been easy and we thank all of you for coming along for the ride. We’ve always openly stated that Paragon is the truest form of a beta and the BIG changes we’ve made along the way are a reflection of our iterative development process. It’s all done in an effort to make sure we build the very best game that we can by leaving no stone unturned.

We believe games are fun and you should be having fun playing them. We want you to continue being happy, hopeful and helpful in your part of shaping Paragon’s future. If you’re unhappy with where the Paragon is headed, let us know and we’ll make it right.

You can continue helping forge Paragon’s future by hopping in game or joining discussions on any of our official channels.



New Matchmaking System

We’ve been testing the new Monolithic Matchmaking service internally since the summer. We know you’re itching to get more high quality matches -- so are we!

The system is close to being complete, so close in fact that a version of the new matchmaking system powers Fortnite Battle Royale’s matchmaking. We’re anxious to get it working in Paragon in the new year.


Many of you are looking for the next level of competition in Paragon and Ranked is a major piece of the competition pie. We agree with you and want to raise the bar of competition in the game.

Ranked is an important part of competitive play and pulling together all the pieces to make it happen is a top task next year. We’ll be working on the Ranked Draft experience, properly displaying your Ranked status, and making sure the new Matchmaking System gives you the best possible, heart-pounding matches.

New Heroes

Terra is the last Hero of 2017. Next year at least seven new Heroes will join the battle and a release schedule for those Heroes will come.

All of the Heroes should be fun to play, adding new, exciting gameplay and moments you remember to Paragon. We want you to have a good time playing new Heroes and an even better time becoming masters of your favorite Heroes.



New Cards & Gems

Cards and Gems add additional strategy and depth to the gameplay. We know you want more variety in builds that allow you to surprise your opponents and provide plenty of counter play.

There are lots of new cards and gems slated for the new year that will give you lots of options in combat. We can’t wait to share them all.



Game Balance

The dynamic nature of MOBAs is what draws us in and keeps us playing each day. We know you care deeply about game balance, and so do we! Game balance will always change and it’s core to Paragon’s success.

We’re releasing balances passes on a three-week schedule and we immediately take care of big balance issues that negatively disrupt your games. You can expect us to continue that pace of balance changes next year.

Other Major Features in development:

  • New Onboarding and Tutorials
  • Social Systems (Clans)
  • New Events
  • Competitions
  • Lots of VO

Global Launch

Closed alpha testing in Asia is already underway. There’s a lot of legwork needed to make sure that we can support multiple regions around the world. We’ve needed to make (and will continue to do so) changes to the game to be more mindful of a global audience. Some changes you’ve seen reflect global feedback we’ve received. We believe making Paragon better for everyone around the world makes for a better game in the long run.

Next year begins a big push to ramp up Paragon. When it’s time to put our foot on the gas pedal, we’ll need your help to spread the word. We’re excited for the future and cannot wait until 2018!

Who knows, maybe we’ll release on other platforms too. Gadget_UnderConstruction.gif


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