V.33.1 New Hero, Weekly Card Pack and Bug Fixes/Improvements

By Mooney

Welcome to our V.33.1 Release where we introduce our newest hero Countess, drop our latest weekly card pack and various improvements/fixes. Check out our Countess announcement blog for all of her details!

Interactive Tutorial
If you haven’t seen our brand new player tutorial, you can now check it out as a playlist option. We also fixed an issue associated with the tutorial which caused the client to close. 

Weekly Card Pack
Our first card this week is Sage’s Ward providing energy damage inclined Heroes an option when it comes to vision. Picking this card up can mean the difference between a successful gank and a successfully avoided gank!

Up next is Jewel of the Aphostle, providing a defensive option through the active which provides energy damage equal to 35% of your energy armor. If you happen to be building more utility alongside some energy armor it's a great pickup!

Last we have the workhorse of most support decks, Pendulum of the Lords. Providing a great mix of utility stats with CDR, Mana and Health. It is a part of a balanced support breakfast. 

Release Notes - V.33.1

Countess Released!



  • Interactive Tutorial added as a playlist option.


  • Tutorial Updates:
    • Steel will be more aggressive toward the player.
    • Fixed issues that caused the tutorial to close the client.



  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Sage’s Ward (CP)
    • Jewel of the Apostle
    • Pendulum of Lords 


  • Red Hex Countess added to in-game store.


  • Fixed issue with store purchase/cancel buttons.
  • Fixed issue with skin purchase overlay remaining in Draft Lobby.
  • Toggling suggestion mode will no longer cause incorrect upgrade cards to appear.
  • Fix for “Play” button text when searching for matches.


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