v.42.4 Release Notes - Alien Invader Drongo

By The Paragon Team

Paragon community,

Our v.42.4 update introduces a new Drongo skin, as well as new emotes for both Shinbi and Kallari. Loot Crates have been updated with new content and Daily Quests, Start Chests and First Win of the Day now reset at a locked time each day. Lastly, we fixed a few Hero, UI and controller bugs.

Alien Invader Drongo
All your base belongs to Drongo. Take over the universe with the Space Invader Drongo skin.

Loot Crate Update
Kick in the afterburners and turn up the heat with the new Hot Rod Iggy & Scorch skins.

V.42.4 Release Notes

Featured Notes

  • New store content:
    • Alien Invader Drongo Skin
    • Kallari Emote: Martial Grace
    • Shinbi Emote: Don’t Stop Me


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Drongo
      • Ability tooltip side panel now shows the radius change per level for Gag Grenage
      • Fixed a visual issue that could occur with Drongo's holster
    • Riktor
      • Riplash did not line up with the player’s reticle if the camera was moving extremely fast
        • Riplash should now be accurate in targeting mode regardless of camera movement speed
    • Wraith
      • Back it Up tooltip fixed


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed an issue causing Godmother Vigilant to grant too much bonus health.


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Hero ability tooltips now account for additional power via itemization
    • PS4 controller users can now quickly unequip cards using the Triangle button
    • Fixed an issue caused by pressing the escape button while in the grayed out tutorial screen
      • This issue resulted in strange UI behavior
  • Daily Quests, Star Chests, and First Win of the Day now reset at 4 AM EDT rather than 22 hours after claiming the reward.

Loot Crate Update

  • Loot Crate
    • Added
      • Legendary
        • Tropic Hot Rod Iggy & Scorch
        • Ruby Hot Rod Iggy & Scorch
      • Epic
        • Bronze Sky Guardian Kwang
        • Gunmetal Sky Guardian Kwang
      • Common
        • Blush Scavenger Drongo
        • Fossil Scavenger Drongo
        • Military Cobalt Steel

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