Web Deck Builder: Update

By The Paragon Team

Hey everyone,

Today, we released an update for the Web Deck Builder.

The update includes an improved UI that makes navigation easier, and allows you to edit and delete decks in a much more friendly manner.
You are now able to copy your decks and share it with your friends! This will allow players to show off their favorite builds with the community in a more accessible way. In order to share your deck, copy the URL from the deck you've selected and send it to your friend.
We have also added a feature which informs you which cards you are missing from any copied deck.
Finally, your abilities will now appropriately represent their damage, cooldown and mana costs after you have equipped your cards:
Do you have feedback on any of the new or existing features? Have a suggestion on how we can improve deck building for you? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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