Year in Review - 2016

By Mooney

Hello Paragon Community,

Welcome to our Year in Review - 2016, we'll be recapping all of the big news dropped for Paragon over the past year.


We launched a thing with your help and now it's better.


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We entered Early Access on March 18, and with it, released our Founders Packs. Our first new Hero for Paragon, Sevarog joined the fray as well!


The infamous deathball was discussed by our dev team, we dropped our first state of the game and alongside our newest hero Iggy & Scorch we began the first Hero Race!


In a jam-packed month, everyone’s favorite Robo-Imp duo GRIM.exe was released. We also took strong steps towards addressing AFKers/Leavers and discussed the current/future state of skins.

For the first time we allowed non-Founders to play Paragon with our Free Beta Weekend.

*chains rattle*

Oh! And of course the warden himself, Riktor hooked his way to Agora.


It was an exciting month for PS4 players, as we launched the Essentials Edition. Additionally we took a step forward in addressing the state of the game and committing to future change. We wrapped up June with a free beta weekend and a State of the Game update.


We opened up the game to over a million PS4 players, including a starter pack containing some goodies to start. In addition, we announced our month of Community events and revealed our two new heroes for July: Greystone and The Fey.


Paragon begins its Open Beta period and with it a ton of information on where we started and our direction forward. Check out the Epic Rare cards we released as well as the introduction of the Official Paragon Bot on Twitch, allowing you to snag in-game items just by watching your favorite streamers!


With Open Beta in full swing, we dropped the mana-manipulating Lt. Belica, as well as the mystical swordsman Kwang. At the end of the month we took a look back as well as a peek into the future of Paragon, most notably the new map (Monolith).


Following the big news of the new map we began our spookiest event of the year, Shadow’s Eve. Our first burst caster, Countess, was revealed and stalked her prey all the way to Agora. Additionally, we began our six-part series on Monolith with a deep dive into the lanes and jungle.


The Monolith series rounded out and we released the perfect robot for the job, Crunch. That is, if that job is punching. We also announced the Monolith date and some info around systems and Hero reworks.


We finished out the year by dropping the biggest update to the game yet, Monolith in V.35. Within this update we also updated the dual-wielding carry, Twinblast, giving him a whole kit rework and released our Monolith update video. To finish out the year we introduced Loot Crates and Card Crafting. Try your hand at finding a rare skin or finish the perfect deck!

P.S. Winterfest lasts until Jan. 9, giving you plenty of time to grab your favorite skins!

Thank you for your support so far, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for Paragon in 2017.


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