The Season Of Giving

The festive air and giving spirit are invading Agora--welcome to Winterfest 2017, our most generous event of the year! Play Paragon every week of Winterfest (from Dec 12 to Jan 8) to earn a bounty of exclusive content including three new high-tier skins, Winterfest chests packed with goodies, and--during the final week--a mystery prize.

Earn Three Winterfest Chests Each Week

Every week of Winterfest, earn a chest after playing one, seven, and fifteen games.

Games Played Per Week

Every Winterfest chest contains one of the twelve items below (at random)


Everfrost Kwang Skin

Everfrost Kwang Skin

Everfrost Belica Skin

Everfrost Belica Skin

Everfrost Serath Skin

Everfrost Serath Skin

Old Saint Riktor Skin

Old Saint Riktor Skin

Jingle Bombs Iggy & Scorch Skin

Jingle Bombs Iggy & Scorch Skin

Peppermint Kallari Skin

Peppermint Kallari Skin

Ugly Sweater Gadget Skin

Ugly Sweater Gadget Skin

Yuletide Feng Mao Skin

Yuletide Feng Mao Skin

Northern Mystic Morigesh Banner

Northern Mystic Morigesh Banner

Frozen Hearth Aurora Banner

Frozen Hearth Aurora Banner

Frost King Revenant Banner

Frost King Revenant Banner

Aurora Sword Sculpture Emote

Aurora Sword Sculpture Emote

Twenty Games Earns An Elite Skin

Complete twenty games each of the first three weeks of to earn an exclusive Winterfest elite skin:


You can also purchase each skin during the week it's available--or buy any of them individually during the final week. In week four, earn a MYSTERY PRIZE, or purchase all three elite skins, each with two additional variants, via the WINTERFEST BUNDLE.

Tier 3 Skins


A fearless and unyielding warrior, Terra charges into battle and fights for justice. Upon hearing news that her adopted father had been killed, Terra set out on a new quest: hunt down the evil creature known as Countess and end her reign of terror.

Saving Winterfest

‘Twas the night before Winterfest, and Narbash has a tale to tell.

Narbesh knows that Winterfest isn't a time for war - so why won’t his tribe listen? All his attempts to keep the peace end in disaster, but Narbash won’t give up. Join him as he braves the snowy plains of Zechin, meets strange new friends, and discovers a special talent.

Full Release Notes

Full Release Notes

v.44.6 is out now, bringing you the release of the latest Hero, Terra, alongside of our holiday event, Winterfest.


  • Terra released!
    • Store Content:
      • Gryphon Knight Terra Skin
      • Headswoman Emote
  • Winterfest has begun! Stay frosty until Jan. 8.
    • Monolith Map and Main Menu screens have received a snowy makeover.
    • Enjoy a 3-part Winterfest themed short story starring your favorite little drummer ogre, Narbash (read Part 1 here).
    • Weekly Quests
      • Earn a guaranteed Winterfest Chest (see content below) after completing games 1, 7 and 15 each week.
      • Rewards for completing 20 games each week:
        • Week 1: Northern Mystic Morigesh Skin
        • Week 2: Frozen Hearth Aurora Skin
        • Week 3: Frost King Revenant Skin
        • Week 4: ???
          • Note: the 3 above skins will also be available for individual purchase in the store during their respective quest week as well as in Week 4.
      • For the first time ever, you’ll be able to track your event quest progress in the updated Play tab and Post-Match screen.
    • Winterfest Chests
      • Can contain one of the following 12 items:
        • Everfrost Kwang Skin
        • Everfrost Lt. Belica Skin
        • Everfrost Serath Skin
        • Northern Mystic Morigesh Banner
        • Frozen Hearth Aurora Banner
        • Frost King Revenant Banner
        • Sword Sculpture Aurora Emote
        • Old Saint Riktor (2016 Winterfest Skin)
        • Jingle Bombs Iggy & Scorch (2016 Winterfest Skin)
        • Peppermint Kallari (2016 Winterfest Skin)
        • Ugly Sweater Gadget (2016 Winterfest Skin)
        • Yuletide Feng Mao (2016 Winterfest Skin)
      • Guaranteed no duplicates!
        • If you earn 12 chests by playing at least 15 games each week of Winterfest, then you’re guaranteed to earn all 12 items listed above.
        • If you earn a Winterfest Chest after already owning all 12 items (if you had previously owned a 2016 Winterfest Skin for example) then that chest will grant a 10-Win XP Boost.
    • Winterfest Mega Bundle
      • Available only in the final week (1/2/18 - 1/9/18) of Winterfest
      • Contains all of the following at a discounted price:
        • 3 Winterfest skins:
          • Northern Mystic Morigesh Skin
          • Frozen Hearth Aurora Skin
          • Frost King Revenant Skin
        • 6 Winterfest skin variations exclusively found in this bundle (previewable in the Collections tab at the start of Winterfest):
          • Onyx Northern Mystic Morigesh
          • Emerald Northern Mystic Morigesh
          • Earthen Frozen Hearth Aurora
          • Jade Frozen Hearth Aurora
          • Sanguine Frost King Revenant
          • Gunmetal Frost King Revenant


Aurora_PatchNotes.jpg Aurora

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Minor visual improvements to the Ultra Glacial Empress skin variation.
    • Minor visual improvements to Frozen Simulacrum’s icy statue.

Countess_PatchNotes.jpg Countess

  • Shadow Slip
    • No longer executes jungle minions (intended to execute lane minions only).
  • General Balance
    • Base Health increased from 520 to 566
    • Base Health Regen increased from .87 to .94
    • Health per level increased from 53 to 59.3
    • Health Regen per level increased from 0.9 to 1

IggyScorch_PatchNotes.jpg Iggy & Scorch

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed an issue where Iggy & Scorch couldn’t lifesteal off his basic attacks.
    • Minor visual improvements to So Sleepy emote, Mecha Terror skin, and Onyx Phoenix skin variation.

Kallari_PatchNotes.jpg Kallari

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • The target of Death Sentence will now hear a more obvious audio cue alert.
    • Minor visual improvements to the Red Death skin.

Kwang_PatchNotes.jpg Kwang

  • Light of the Heavens
    • Defense buff duration decreased from 5s to 3s
  • Fury of the Heavens
    • Damage decreased from 234/328/421 to 205/287/369
    • Scaling decreased from 3.34 to 2.93

Lt.Belica_PatchNotes.jpg Lt. Belica

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed an issue where textures could be missing from Belica’s guns on her Challenger skin.

Morigesh_PatchNotes.jpg Morigesh

  • Swarm
    • Cooldown increased from 8s at all levels to 11/10/9/8s
    • Movespeed bonus decreased from 40% at all levels to 28/32/36/40%
    • Fixed an issue where the movespeed bonus was not being applied correctly.

Murdock_PatchNotes.jpg Murdock

  • Plasma Bolt
    • Ranged basic attack dealing 58.3 Basic Damage.
  • Buckshot
    • Increased Knockback effect.
    • Knockback now affects minions.
    • Targeting mode updated to be more forgiving up close.
    • Visual Effect polish.
    • Corrected an issue which could cause the effect to shoot off to the side.
    • Improved quickcast interaction of Buckshot while Plasma Bolt is held down.
  • Hot Pursuit
    • Ability has received updated visual and sound effects.
    • Ability has had technical hardening and should fire more reliably.
  • Shots Fired
    • Visual effects have been updated.
  • Long Arm of the Law
    • Reduced delay upon firing Long Arm of the Law to improve ability responsiveness.

Phase_PatchNotes.jpg Phase

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed visual issues that could occur with the Panda Power skin.

Rampage_PatchNotes.jpg Rampage

  • Boulder Throw
    • Cooldown increased from 10s to 14s
  • General Balance
    • Base health from 733 to 713
    • Base health regen from 1.22 to 1.2

Revenant_PatchNotes.jpg Revenant

  • Scar
    • Cooldown increased from 6s to 8s
    • Mana cost increased from 50 to 65
    • Slow magnitude adjusted from 10% at all levels to 7/8/9/10%
  • Reckoning
    • Bonus bounty decreased from 1000/1500/2000 to 600/950/1300

Sevarog_PatchNotes.jpg Sevarog

  • Siphon
    • Damage decreased from 105/135/164/193 to 82/111/140/170
    • Mana cost increased from 15 to 25
  • General Balance
    • Base Health decreased from 702 to 678
    • Base Health Regen decreased from 1.17 to 1.13

Shinbi_PatchNotes.jpg Shinbi

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Shinbi no longer receives a camera shake when she hits a target with Circle Rhythm.

Sparrow_PatchNotes.jpg Sparrow

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Minor animation improvements to the Hold My Ale emote.

Steel_PatchNotes.jpg Steel

  • Shield Bash
    • Damage decreased from 111/158/205/252 to 111/152/193/234
    • Scaling decreased from 1.67 to 1.46
  • Ablative Armor
    • Recharge duration increased from 6/5/4/3s to 8/7/6/5s

Terra_PatchNotes.jpg Terra

  • Carve (Basic Attack)
  • Counter Guard
    • Terra raises her shield, guarding for a brief moment. If Terra takes damage while she is guarding the damage is deflected and turned into a shield for a duration. The size of the shield is determined by a percentage of unmitigated damage that was deflected.
  • Ruthless Assault
    • Terra spins striking all enemies around her before finishing the spin with an additional forward slash.
  • Deafening Command
    • Terra slams her axe into her shield creating a shockwave that deals damage and applies a stun to all enemies in a radius around her.
  • Unstoppable Force
    • Terra’s helmet smashes down granting her a shield and immunity to crowd control for a duration.

Wraith_PatchNotes.jpg Wraith

  • General Balance
    • Base Basic Attack damage per level increased from 3.1 to 4.2
    • Attack Speed per level increased from 1.5 to 2

Wukong_PatchNotes.jpg Wukong

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Minor visual improvements to Infernal Wukong skin.

Zinx_PatchNotes.jpg Zinx

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a bug where damage from Kitty Claws was not scaling with power consistently.

  • All Heroes
    • Upon release of free look, the camera transition has been improved to be more smooth and less jarring.



  • Deathcrawler
    • Reduced attack speed penalty from 50 to 30
    • Reduced critical hit bonus damage from 250% to 200%
  • Spry-Kin
    • Fix for not being able to target Allies if they were not visible to Enemies.
  • Wetware Virus
    • Now correctly targets enemies who are revealed in the Shadowplane.


  • Spell Shield
    • Now correctly blocks Card abilities.


  • Play Tab Updates
    • The visual layout has been changed and improved.
    • CO-OP VS AI and VS AI have been merged into a single play mode option that allows you to choose between human or bot allies.
    • Special Event quest progress will now be tracked on the Play tab (as well as on the Post-Match screen).
    • Boost information now also appears above the Play button (when you have one or more boosts the number of boosts you have is also displayed).
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Various clarity and visual improvements made to the draft lobby.


  • A section of the wall above river buffs will now glow the color of the buff that is spawned below it.
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Orb Prime buff visual effects added to new minions.
    • Fixed an issue causing ranged minion attack audio to sometimes not play.
    • Made map ping sound right channel only.

Loot Crate

  • Added:
    • Legendary
      • Crimson Future King Wukong
      • Pearl Future King Wukong
    • Epic
      • Ivory Double Agent TwinBlast
      • Crimson Double Agent TwinBlast
    • Common
      • Candy Default Terra
      • Jungle Default Terra

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