The New


The sins of the past are swept away as the people look toward the future. All things become possible.

Universal Decks

Affinities are now tied to decks, not Heroes, so you can use your same deck with any Hero. Explore the styles of each affinity and choose what type of deck you want to build.

  • Growth


  • Knowledge


  • Order


  • Death


  • Chaos


Unlock More Abilities

Level up your Agility, Vitality, and Intellect to activate Gems, a new addition to the Item System. Choose and slot six total gems to increase your stats and get unique effects during the match to use alongside cards.



Multishot - Ranged Basic Attacks fire two additional projectiles each dealing 80% Basic Damage



Ferocity - Gain up to 42 Attack Speed based on your Missing Health.



Spell Shield - Block the next Enemy Ability.

PvE Power Up

You can now level up your cards by collecting duplicates. With each level gained, the card increases in power.

Players in Co-Op & Solo vs. AI can use their leveled up cards and show off their collection. Card art changes as it levels up, with the Foil version unlocking at level 10.

Iggy & Scorch Upgrade

Iggy & Scorch Upgrade

Watch Overview Video

New Mecha Terror Skin

Iggy & Scorch were both outcasts and survived in the deserts of Zechin with nothing but each other for help. When they were kidnapped by mysterious "metal-men" and flown to Omeda, they crashed the ship and escaped out into the desert - which was perfect for them. They stole their weapons from a junkyard run by Drongo.

Iggy & Scorch’s ability set has changed from top to bottom, sporting new Turrets, a new attack (From Scorch!), and an ultimate that doesn’t require close combat. While Iggy is a well loved hero responsible for many great videos recently, we’re happy to finally have him in a state that realizes the dream of a turret hero.

Mastery Rework

More Rewards. More Levels. More Mastery. We’ve reworked the Mastery system and raised the 10 Rank cap to 99 for each Hero. A Rank is made up of 10 levels, with each level being just a few games away.

New rewards have been added to Ranks like Rival skins, Hero banners, new taunts, and crowns! You’ll keep any rewards earned from the previous system and continue with the same amount of experience. Crowns are a new cosmetic that let’s you show off your Hero level while wearing any skin!

Attack Faster

Yes, that’s right. We have increased the attack speed and reduced cooldowns of all Heroes. This change embraces the level of immersion we set out to create with the launch of Paragon. Basic attacks and abilities feel snappier and more responsive. Early game lethality is lower as a result of the attack speed updates.



Balance Rebuilt

The entire gameplay balance has been rebuilt from the ground up. This means that every Hero (and tower, minion, etc) has new baseline stat attributes, and old numbers are no longer comparable. With that in mind, no numerical changes are included in the notes below. Check out our updated Hero pages to see your favorite Hero’s new stats.

There are changes to how Critical Strike works, the mana regen formula has been altered and we’ve added support for armor to go into the negative, increasing the damage you can inflict on your foes. All these changes and an entirely new economy have made for a better gameplay experience!

Rampage Returns

The king of the jungle has some new toys at his disposal which reiterate his health regen and add a new focus on sustained damage.

large banner

Grux Box Banner Event

Sometimes, a bug can be a work of art! Earn the oft-memed, never forgotten Grux Box banner by completing 10 matches of Solo, Co-Op, or PVP games from 8/8 to 8/21. And for those of you who crave the upgrade, get the Deluxe Grux Box banner by completing 25 matches during the same period.

This is the first banner created by a community member and incorporated into Paragon - thank you Sneaky Paragon brothers.

Celebration Sale

To celebrate The New Dawn, we are having a 33% off sale on skins, banners, and emotes! Grab your favorite cosmetics from the store before the sale ends on 8/14.

Full Release Notes

Full Release Notes

v.43 will release on Thursday, September 21.


Hero Balance & Bug Fixes

  • Aurora
    • Glacial Charge
      • Cast speed has been increased
      • No longer briefly delays before beginning the dash
    • Hoarfrost
      • Cast speed has been increased
      • Radius increased from 400 to 440
    • Cryoseism
      • Cast speed has been increased
      • Initial Application Radius increased from 700 to 850
        • Secondary Explosions are the same size
  • Belica
    • Seismic Assault
      • Damage reduced from 88/140/192/246 to 82/129/176/222
      • Power scaling reduced from 1.88 to 1.67
  • Drongo
    • Shrapnel Cannon
      • Corrected an issue which could sometimes cause the knockback of this ability to fire incorrectly direction if target was on the edge of the targeting wedge
    • Old Rusty
      • Now bounces off of Steel’s Bulwark instead of being absorbed by it
  • Gideon
    • Burden 
      • Slow magnitude increased from 100 to 150
    • General Balance
      • Movement speed from 680 to 690
      • Base health increased from 554 to 566
      • Health gain per level increased from 57.4 to 61.1
      • Base health regen increased from 0.92 to 0.94
      • Basic defense per level increased from 1.9 to 2.3
  • Grim.EXE
    • Deflector Shield
      • Mana cost from 40 to 0
    • General Balance
      • Increased base health from 592 to 633
      • Increased health per level from 60.8 to 63.3
      • Increased base health regen from 0.99 to 1.06
    • Polish and Bug Fixing
      • Corrected an issue in which Grim’s torso would continue glowing after toggling off Suppression Mode
      • Minor animation improvements to Perilous Hug emote
  • Grux
    • Minor improvements to basic attack animation
    • Smash and Grab
      • Should now targets more reliably around difficult terrain.
      • Corrected an issue that could sometimes cause spikes for double damage
  • Iggy & Scorch
    • Flame Turret
      • Reduced health from 220/380/540/700 to 220/360/500/640
    • Burning Sensation
      • Base damage reduced from 35/58/82/105 to 28/47/66/84
      • Power Scaling reduced from 0.84 to 0.66
    • General Balance
      • Health gain per level decreased from 68.6 to 62.6
    • Polish and Bug Fixing
      • Molotov
        • Corrected an issue which was causing this ability to sometimes not combo correctly with the Hero’s basic attack
  • Kwang
    • Judgement of the Heavens
      • Radius increased from 250 to 350
    • Fury of the Heavens
      • Radius increased from 500 to 700
  • Narbash
    • Song of My People
      • Reduced granted health regen from 24/36/48/60 to 20/30/40/50
    • Crash Bang Boom!
      • Reduced total damage from 351/497/644 to 322/450/579
      • Reduced Power Scaling from 5.22 to 4.6
  • Sevarog
    • General Balance
      • Base health increased from 647 to 671
      • Base health regen increased from 1.08 to 1.12
    • Siphon
      • Soul Stack breakpoints reduced from 20/50/90/140 to 10/30/60/100
        • Maximum still caps at 200
  • Shinbi
    • Polish & Bug Fixing
      • Slight adjustments to weapon trail visuals to work better with new attack speed values.
        Circle Rhythm
        Corrected an issue which would sometimes cause Circle Rhythm to not deal damage
  • Steel
    • Bull Rush removed
    • New Ability - Shield Bash
      • Steel strikes out with his shield, causing 88/117/146/176 damage in a localized area in front of him.
      • Enemies hit by the shield are stunned for 0.5 seconds
      • Costs 70 mana
      • 9/8/7/6 second cooldown
    • Shield Slam
      • Reduced range from 900 to 850
      • Increased area of effect from from 500 to 550 
    • Bulwark
      • Reduced cooldown from 18s to 14s
    • General Balance
      • Reduced base mana from 276 to 262
      • Reduced base mana regen from 1.32 to 1.27
  • Phase
    • Energy Lance
      • Total damage increased from 80/120/160/200 to 100/150/200/250
      • Total power scaling increased from 1.43 to 1.78
    • Psychic Flare
      • Cooldown reduced to 10s seconds from 12 seconds
    • Telekinetic Link
      • Increased healing from 12/18/24/30 for 4 seconds to 16/24/32/40 for 4 seconds
    • General Balance
      • Health per level increased from 59.3 to 61.8
      • Mana per level increased from 24 to 27
      • Mana regen per level increased from 0.08 to 0.09
    • Polish & Bug Fixing
      • Psychic Flare
        • Corrected an issue which could cause the effects to not render if Phase had Tireless Reaper equipped
  • Revenant
    • Reckoning
      • Gold bounty increased from 600/800/1000 to 1000/1500/2000
    • General Balance
      • Attack Speed per level increased from 2.5 to 4
        • This will reduce Revenant's reload time
    • Polish & Bug Fixing
      • Minor animation improvements to "Hats Off" emote
  • The Fey
    • Bramble Patch
      • No longer restricts movement during cast
        Width increased from 160 to 200
    • Fly Trap
      • Radius increased from 530 to 575
  • Twinblast
    • Rocket Dash
      • Increased cooldown from 4s to 5s
    • Rapid Fire
      • Reduced hero damage from 30/35/40/45% to 25/30/35/40%
      • Reduced minion damage from 45% to 40%
  • Wraith
    • Knock, Knock!
      • Cost reduced from 90/100/110/120 to 70/80/90/100
    • General Balance
      • Basic Damage per level increased from 2.2 to 3.1
      • Health gain per level increased from 61.2 to 66.1
      • Base mana increased from 312 to 332
      • Base mana regen increased from 1.44 to 1.51
  • Yin
    • Lash Kick
      • Range icnreased from 750 to 850
    • General Balance
      • Movement speed increased from 690 to 705
      • Basic armor per level increased from 1.8 to 2
  • Zinx
    • Dirty Healing
      • Rebalanced bonus mana regen from 3/4/5% to 3.5% at all levels
      • Increased mana cost per health gained from 1/0.8/0.6 to 1.1/1/0.9
  • General Balance
    • Health gain per level reduced from 46.8 to 43.1
    • Base health regen reduced from 0.96 to 0.94
    • Health regen per level reduced from 0.1 to 0.07


  • Face model updates
    • Sparrow
    • Muriel
    • Lt. Belica
  • Fixed an issue where several hero abilities did not combo correctly with basic attacks. Specifically this issue has been resolved for the following abilities
    • Iggy & Scorch
      • Molotov
    • Murdock
      • Buckshot
    • Kallari
      • Crippling Dagger


Game Mode & Economy

  • Towers receive a  full visual rework
  • Removed Amber Link
    • Replaced by the green buff camp.
    • Previous green buff camp location has been replaced with an additional white camp.
  • Gold Drip
    • Increased passive gold drip per minute from 288 to 390.
    • Increased the speed at which drip is granted from 5 second intervals to 1 second intervals.
  • Hero Kill Bounties
    • Increased base hero kill bounty from 455 gold to 550 gold.
    • Reduced hero kill bounty networth bonus from .01 to .006.
      • Networth bonus is how much the bounty increases for every 1 gold the enemy Hero has earned.
    • These changes will result in increased economic value of early game kills, while reducing late game totals.
  • Updated Jungle Camp Economy
    • White Camps
      • Now will always spawn a large white minion prior to reinforcing with up to two small white minions.
      • Increased reinforcement time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.
    • White Minion (Large)
      • Grants 150 Gold.
      • Grants 42 XP.
    • White Minion (Small)
      • Grants 50 Gold.
      • Grants 15 XP.
    • Green Buff
      • Increased gold bounty from 150 to 200.
      • Increased XP bounty from 40 to 45.
    • Gold Buff
      • Increased gold bounty from 204 to 225.
    • Black Buff
      • Replaced by an Orange Buff for better visibility within the environment and minimap.
      • Gameplay functionality remains the same.
    • Orb Prime
      • Removed Root ability.
      • Added new scattered projectiles ability:
        • Prime Helix launches 10 slow homing projectiles into the air which distribute themselves evenly amongst all enemies nearby Prime Helix.
      • Updated the order in which Orb Prime casts abilities:
        • Old order - Knockback -> Slow Cone -> Root
        • New order - Scattered Projectiles -> Slow Cone -> Knockback
  • Lane Minions
    • Spawn Schedule
      • Increased the amount of time before minions are added to the waves.  
        • Minions will now be added on the 22nd, 38th, and 58th waves, previously was on the 19th, 31st, and 48th waves.

Cards & Gems


NOTE: All updates are based on Level 1 card values, but will affect cards of all levels.

  • Auras
    • No longer require Line of Sight
    • No longer stack for Withering Shadow, Numbing Rogue and Plague Lord Mallenk
    • Awaken the Emeric
      • Fixed an issue where enemy heroes would deal increased damage to converted minions.
      • Fixed an issue where towers would target the hero after using Awaken the Emeric directly under a tower with minions already attacking it.
    • Devastation
      • Reduced Power from 7 to 4.
      • Increased Power per structure destroyed from 3 to 4.
    • Finder of Playthings
      • Reduced cooldown from 90 seconds to 80 seconds.
    • Grinning Spectre
      • Increased true damage from 300 to 350.
    • Lord Volstok
      • Increased experience gained every 10 seconds from 12 to 14.
      • Increased gold lost every 10 seconds from 60 to 100.
    • Nameless Curse
      • Reduced cost from 3 VIT / 9 INT to 3 VIT / 8 INT.
      • Increase damage dealt per second from 60 to 65.
    • Plague Lore Mallenk
      • Auras no longer stack
        • Each effect can only be applied once per target
    • Possessed Spry-Kin
      • Increased Power from 6 to 10.
    • Sorvukk Initiate
      • Increased cooldown from 35 seconds to 45 seconds.
    • Veil Stepper
      • Now grants 5 Power.
    • Warlocks Burden
      • Increase max mana restored per second from 2% to 3%.
    • Withering Shadow
      • Reduced damage from 85 to 55.
      • Players cannot be damaged by Withering Shadow more than once a second
      • Auras no longer stack
        • Each effect can only be applied once per target
    • Wound Seeker
      • Increased Power from 16 to 19.
      • Increased Attack Speed from 18 to 21.
    • Echelon Soldier
      • Fixed an issue where players were able to damage enemy heroes without exiting the shadowplane.
    • O.P.D. Militia
      • Fixed an issue where damage wasn’t being properly displayed in Recent Damage report.
    • Sleeper Agent
      • Reduced cast range from 1750 to 1100.
    • Soldier of Fortune
      • Increased cost from 4 INT to 500 Gold / 4 INT.
      • Increased bonus gold from 150 to 175.
      • Increased bonus experience from 30 to 35.
    • Static Trap
      • Adjusted cost from 3 AGI / 4 INT to 2 AGI / 5 INT
    • Supply Sergeant
      • Increased mana restored from 125 to 150.
    • Thaumaturge
      • Fixed an issue where Thaumaturge was gaining incorrect mana bonus and could gain unlimited stacks.
    • Wetware Virus
      • Now launches a homing projectile on activation, instead of being instant cast.
    • Crippling Glare
      • Now launches a homing projectile on activation, instead of being instant cast.
      • Reduced cast range from 1750 to 1100.
    • Gates of Salvation
      • Card has been re-enabled.
      • Fixed issue where all functionality was lost after death.
    • Godmother Vigilant
      • Fixed an issue where the Elevated effect was calculating incorrectly, granting too much health.
    • Lightstep Vanguard
      • Reduced cooldown from 100 seconds to 60 seconds.
      • Reduced channel time from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Apex Predator
      • Increased Power per stack from .6 to .75.
      • Increased Ability Armor bonus at max stacks from 18 to 24.
      • Reduced Max Stacks from 50 to 40.
      • Reduced Cooldown between stack application from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
      • Fixed an issue where Apex Predator stacks were being lost on death.
    • Flame of Zechin
      • Flame of Zechin stacks are lost when card is discarded.
    • Highwayman
      • Fixed an issue where Highwayman would grant gold when damaging yourself.  Now will only grant gold if damage is dealt to an enemy hero.
    • Mother Tree
      • Reduced base Health Regen per second from 4.4 to 2.2.
      • Now grants +50% Mana Regen.
    • Spry-Kin
      • Fixed an issue where Spry-Kin was giving less than the intended amount of healing.
    • Tyrant
      • Reduced Power from 15 to 10.
      • Increased Power per stack from .4 to .75.
      • Increased Max Health bonus at max stacks from 150 to 200.
      • Reduced Max Stacks from 50 to 35.
    • Unbroken Spirit
      • Increased Power from 13 to 18.
      • Reduced Max Health from 480 to 360.
    • Vital Waters
      • Reduced max health from 325 to 265.
      • Fixed an issue where Vital Waters allowed Zinx to gain twice the intended benefits of increased healing.
    • Blitzrush
      • Reduced cooldown from 60 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Compensator Rig
      • Increased amount of damage dealt from 1 per 60 health missing to 1 per 55 health missing.
    • Deathcrawler
      • Mighty Strike attack will now be removed on basic attack regardless of if you hit a target.
    • Dune Winds
      • Increased Max Health cost from 100 to 150.
      • Reduced Power per stack from 8 to 7.
      • Reduced Attack Speed per stack from 7 to 6.
    • Pressure Hunter
      • Increased bonus damage per vitality point difference from 2.0 to 2.5.
    • Riot Sapper
      • Increased current mana removal from 20% to 25%.
    • Nitroboost
      • No longer grants attack speed.
      • Now grants 8 Power.
    • Nukeblood Mutant
      • Increased buff duration from 6 seconds to 7 seconds.
    • Profiteer
      • Increased gold gained per enemy minion kill from 55 to 60.
    • Reactor Beast
      • Fixed an issue where passive would activate when killing Aurora’s Ice Clone.
    • Thorned Yomi
      • Card has been re-enabled.
      • Fixed an issue where damage was not being reflected.
    • Unstable Cyborg
      • Reduced range from 1500 to 700.
      • Increased cooldown between activations from .4 to .5 seconds.
  • Card System Bug Fixes and Polish
    • Multiple Cards
      • The following cards will no longer break you out of ability targeting when activated 
        • Unstable Cyborg
        • Riot Sapper
        • Wicked Riposte
        • Amplification Engineer
        • Corrosive Walker
        • Thunder Cleaver
        • Black Ice Routine
        • Supply Sergeant
        • Vengeful Mire
        • Yomi Guardian
        • Mallenk's Prayer.
  • Adjusted visual effects for improved gameplay clarity.


NOTE: All updates are based on PVP normalized gem values, but will affect gems of all rolls.

  • Consume the Dead
    • Reduced healing based on target Max Health from 15% to 10%.
  • Healing Towers
    • Fixed an issue where tooltip was displayed as ‘+1.2 Mana Regen’ instead of ‘+25% Mana Regen’.
  • Improved Killing Blows
    • Increased bonus gold per kill from 5 to 6.
  • Jungle Lifesteal
    • Increased flat health restore from 4 to 5.
  • Quick Exit
    • Reduced movement speed bonus from 350 to 300.

UI and Game Systems


  • Chests now have Normal Rewards (Cards/Gems) and one "Special Reward".
    • Chests/Keys are now considered a special reward.
    • Skins and Emotes found in the chest match those found in the store.
    • The chance to get a gem has been doubled for all normal rewards.
    • Special rewards differ per chest type:
      • Bronze Chest
        • 5,000 Reputation
        • XP Boost: 1 Win
        • Rep Boost: 1 Win
        • Rare or Epic Card
        • Silver Chest
      • Silver Chest
        • 10,000 Reputation
        • XP Boost: 1 Win
        • Rep Boost: 1 Win
        • Rare or Epic Card
        • Gold Chest
      • Gold Chest
        • 25,000 Reputation
        • Hero Skin
        • Hero Emote
        • XP Boost: 1 Win
        • Rep Boost: 1 Win
        • Rare or Epic Card
        • Diamond Chest
      • Diamond Chest
        • Loot Crate Key
        • 50,000 Reputation
        • Hero Skin
        • Hero Emote
        • XP Boost: 1 Win
        • Rep Boost: 1 Win
        • Rare or Epic Card


  • Card unlocking is now operational.
    • You can unlock cards you don’t have with Reputation via the Inspect screen.
  • Hero Leveling XP has been reduced for Ranks 1 - 4
  • Adjusted Starter Decks
    • Added two new starter decks per attribute and renamed the old ones:
      • Agility - Bruiser
      • Agility - Burst
      • Agility - Control
      • Vitality - Tank
      • Vitality - Initiator
      • Vitality - Fighter
      • Intellect - Burst
      • Intellect - Control
      • Intellect - Support
    • Heroes have all been assigned three of the above starter decks (some Heroes have mixed attributes).
    • All cards and gems newly added to starter decks are now marked as starter cards and will be granted to all accounts. (New Total: 47 Cards, 26 Gems)
  • Gem inspection screen added
  • Added a Card Collection tutorial to introduce cards after your first match.
  • Added 10 second pre-spawn in-game chat notifications for River/Gold Buffs, Raptors, and Orb Prime
  • Auto run added to the game
    • Once the user gives movement input, ability usage input, or cancel input, it will stop
    • Default key on keyboard is Num Lock
    • Controllers can find it under Team Comms as L1
  • End match cinematic added
    • This victory cinematic only displays a core explosion

Polish & Bug Fixing

  • Card Shop now only considers Attribute Point effects and Card effects when calculating the bonuses for stats on the stats panel.
    • No more giant HP/MP regen numbers when standing in base!
  • Gems will now always appear in ranked order In the Attribute Display tooltips
    • Previously, Gems could appear in a different order depending on how they were added to the pack
  • Fixed skin variation tooltips for Scavenger Drongo and Fossil Scavenger Drongo
  • Previously, if a targetable card was set to the cancel button, the card could not be cast.
    • Targetable cards can now be set to the cancel button

Loot Crates

  • Keys
    • Golden Keys now guarantee an Epic or Legendary reward (up from Rare or higher)
  • Loot Crate Update
    • Added
      • Rare
        • Crimson Alien Invader Drongo
        • Orchid Alien Invader Drongo
      • Common
        • Royal Default Feng Mao
        • Onyx Default Feng Mao
        • Ichor Default Riktor
        • Solar Default Riktor
    • Removed
      • Fossil Ancient Doomsday Steel
      • Desert Ancient Doomsday Steel
      • Coral Ceremonial Feng Mao
      • Onyx Ceremonial Feng Mao
  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed an issue where hero previews may not load when scrolling through the loot crate rewards list


VFX and Projectile Improvements

  • Water visual effects updated to work with the new river and water areas
  • Grass rendering is now supported on multiple view distances qualities and is supported on PS4 as well as PS4 Pro
  • All ranged Heroes use new & improved smoke trail visual effects
  • Many Heroes have had visual noise reduced in their basic attacks
  • VFX intensity of basic attacks have been adjusted for new Monolith Post-Process settings
  • Projectile sizes changed to reflect more precise targeting
    • Should be much easier to target specific Minions with basic attacks when playing Heroes such as Howitzer
  • Gideon, Muriel, The Fey, Phase, Dekker
    • Projectile world collision from 30 to 10
    • Projectile overlap collision from 60 to 40
  • Howitzer, Morigesh, Iggy
    • Projectile world collision from 30 to 20
      • To account for physical projectile size
    • Projectile overlap collision from 60/70 to 40
  • Sparrow
    • Projectile overlap collision from 40 to 35
      • Changed in order to match other carries and projectile visuals
  • Gadget, Belica, Zinx
    • Projectile world collision to 10
    • Projectile overlap collision from 60/40/40 to 35
      • To account for small visual size and consistency with other bullet projectiles


  • AI Hero improvements:
    • AI Heroes are now less likely to use abilities against minions
    • AI Heroes will now choose from a wider variety of Heros during the draft phase
    • AI Heroes will use team comms more often
    • AI Heroes will group up and push a lane more often during mid & late-game
    • AI Heroes will try to take down OP buff during the late game when two or more enemies are dead and no towers are threatened
      • Please help them, this is their first time fighting Prime
    • Fixed an issue preventing AI Heroes from attacking T1 towers in the later phase of the game
    • AI Heroes playing midlane will attack river camps more often during the earlier phases of the game
    • AI Heroes who Jungle are more likely to attack Green Buff and less likely to attack white camps during the later phases of the game
    • Changed Wukong’s Primary role to Offlane (AI)
    • Bots will back away from danger sooner
      • This will hopefully keep them alive a little longer
    • Bots will now spend less time at base pretending they are looking at the card shop
      • We hope this gets them back into the fight quicker
  • AI difficulty
    • AI heroes now detect threats in the area surrounding them, allowing them to make better decisions
      • Attacking vs Fleeing
  • Co-Op & Solo vs. AI difficulty curve is now “steeper”.
    • Intro is the same
    • Easy is half way between Intro & Intermediate
    • Intermediate is roughly equivalent to what Veteran used to be
    • Experienced & Veteran now gives the enemy team health, damage & regen buffs in order to make them more difficult to defeat

Experiencing issues updating Paragon? Experience a game crash, bug, or any other issue? Reach out to player support here.

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