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Why you should revamp Paragon into another game


Why you should revamp Paragon into another game

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  • Why you should revamp Paragon into another game

    I can't shake the feeling of sadness every time I think about Paragon closing, and I'm no kid, I'm of the type of players that play for 3 to 4 months and then comeback few months later.

    What I mean is that this game is unique in many ways, indeed, you screwed up I won't deny that, but that doesn't mean that you cannot collect the good parts and create another game using Paragon as base.

    If you feel you can't make a MOBA, then don't make a MOBA, a mistake would be to let the good parts of this game die.

    You could take the good parts, the heroes, the best of version of the card system, simplified that is, and create a unique game, with different modes.

    Say 5 vs 5, 8 vs 8, different maps, different modes, you can surely create your own style and not call it a MOBA, make it subscription base so that you always has some decent income.

    I personally won't ask for a refund, it would be unfair to say that I didn't get the value of my money in fun, so instead, I'm giving you the benefit, I'm only one person I know that,
    and I know I won't make a difference, but if it does, that it serve you as an example of what the real opinion of your game is, you can indeed create a better game and not let completely die what you started.

    Seriously, it is really sad to see this game die.