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Fair Play Lead


Mediatonic is a team of over 300 exceptionally talented and seriously hardworking people. We devote our careers to crafting awesome original games in the hopes of bringing a little more joy into the world.

As a creative business, we recognise that creativity is best inspired by different experiences and perspectives. We strive to create a culture of belonging, where all our colleagues feel welcome, supported and diversity is celebrated. We passionately believe that games are for everyone, whether we’re playing or creating them.

Player Experience

What We Do

As the Fall Guys Fair Play lead you'll be the driving-force behind our policies, our player-facing communications, and enforcement as they relate to Fair Play in Fall Guys. You know that Fall Guys is the place for Big Yeetus, and not for Big Cheatus.

(Yes, we really just said that.)

You can spot cheaters from a mile off by using the best systems, processes, and procedures, understanding that the Fall Guys' crowns are quite literally worth their weight in gold, and that no player should miss out on one due to unfair practices.

Our players are the best beans out there - and you play a big part in creating the greatest player experiences on the planet for them by utilising your tools to surface the best content from our players, and filter out the.... not-so-great stuff.

What You'll Do

We're looking for a Fair Play Lead to be the development team's go-to source for all things Fair Play, and the strongest advocate for creating an environment that ensures our players always have a welcoming, safe and engaging place to play.

In This Role You Will

  • Define, collaborate and administer policies as they relate to fair play initiatives in our games including cheating, fraud, and UGC.
  • Identify player behaviour patterns that are detrimental to the game and devise solutions, workarounds, mitigation or remediation strategies.
  • Be the point of contact and escalation for any issues relating to cheating, exploits, or anti cheating issues on Fall Guys.
  • Educate players on what is acceptable and unacceptable within our game.
  • Recommend, evaluate and assist in the creation of systems that help ensure our community remains fun and positive!
  • Use data to communicate and describe issues in our game and work with our development team to make sure that the features we’re adding to the game are fair for all and do not encourage antisocial behaviour.
  • Establish and track KPIs that let us know that we’re meeting and exceeding our commitment to our Beans.

What We're Looking For

  • Prior experience in a consumer facing role where you were responsible for handling issues relating to fraud, cheating, and/or moderation - ideally in the gaming space.
  • Default position is NOT using the ban hammer but rather identifying/resolving the underlying issue encouraging the undesirable behaviour.
  • Demonstrated skill using data to influence behaviour change.
  • You’re user-focused, passionate, scrappy, solutions-focused, and innovative. These traits equal success at Epic and influence everything we do.

Nice To Have Skills

  • You are a gamer, you understand the pain of when something goes wrong in a game and you want to make their pathway to resolution as seamless as possible.
  • A distinct ability to navigate between what is right and wrong for our audience.
  • Resilience - this won’t be an easy job, but will be immensely rewarding

Remaining Skills Needed

  • You understand “urgency” and know when to use it.
  • Clear communication skills with a strong understanding of tone.