Engineering Manager- Web Tooling


Mediatonic is a team of over 300 exceptionally talented and seriously hardworking people. We devote our careers to crafting awesome original games in the hopes of bringing a little more joy into the world.

As a creative business, we recognise that creativity is best inspired by different experiences and perspectives. We strive to create a culture of belonging, where all our colleagues feel welcome, supported and diversity is celebrated. We passionately believe that games are for everyone, whether we’re playing or creating them.

Web Tooling- Fall Guys

What We Do

We are looking for an Engineering Manager to join Mediatonic.

Mediatonic is the game developer behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and a new member of the Epic Games family. We’re aiming to build "the Greatest Gameshow on Earth" as part of our mission to connect people through massively-multiplayer game experiences.

We take pride in crafting original titles that bring people together. Our quest is to create joyful experiences that are open to all by investing in the ideas, technologies and people that can bring our vision to life.

We’re looking for fantastic people to join our world-class team to help grow Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout into an entertainment platform and to nurture the other equally ambitious titles we’re dreaming up.

What You'll Do

We’re looking for a Software Engineering Manager to support and build our Web Tooling teams - including Gamefuel, the Content Management System which delivers content and configuration to Fall Guys, and the player tooling used by our customer support teams.

As an Engineering Manager you’re a great leader of people with experience managing software engineers. You enjoy getting directly involved with technical challenges and have your own opinions on what team structures work at what scale.

You’re not expected to be the strongest engineer in the room - while you feel you could get to the bottom of anything you set your mind to you delegate, seek advice from your team and represent them and their concerns to stakeholders.

You’re a natural “technical product owner” with a knack for keeping everybody aligned around a problem - you enjoy communicating priorities with your team and it’s stakeholders. Human communication comes naturally to you - you know when it’s time to insist on something yet happily change your views when presented with new information. 

You’ll be expected to take on some direct reports. You’ll work with those reports to understand their motivations and guide them through their careers at Mediatonic, figuring out what support they individually need along the way. As you do so you’ll help Mediatonic improve its own career guidance and line management practises.

In This Role You Will

  • Delivered reliable changes to running, high-scale products
  • Evaluated employee performance and dealt with difficult conversations directly
  • Motivated teams through growth phases or significant changes
  • Opinions on organisational structure

What We're Looking For

  • Be a first point-of-contact for the Web Tooling teams
  • Gather and prioritise requirements for Web Tooling teams
    • Identify “customers” across the business
    • Gather requirements from customers, ensuring 
    • Work with your technical producer to prioritise work
  • Active involvement in the teams work as you see fit, which may involve:
    • Mentoring engineers
    • Reviewing pull requests
    • Reviewing technical designs
    • Engaging the in-house platform team, and other teams in the wider support network at Epic
  • Line management
    • Regular catch-ups
    • Growth guidance
    • Performance evaluation
    • Annual reviews
  • Hiring (specifically interviewing - we have a dedicated recruitment team!)
  • Oversee production releases
    • Ensure that your teams release reliable, working change to production
    • Facilitate the roll-out of new service versions
    • Understand interactions with external systems, such as matchmaking
  • Represent in meetings within and outside of the Epic family
  • Working with production support, or filling in where there is none, you will:
    • Create visibility
      • Share upcoming priorities
      • Keep the wider production team update
    • Drive milestones and requirements
      • Perform backlog reviews
      • Share information when work is slipping - making sure customers are aware of anything which may impact their timelines
    • Identify upcoming risks
      • High-effort tasks
      • Risky / overloaded releases

Want to work for us?

Are you interested in joining a business that strives to create moments that matter, for millions of players, in games that run for years? Does the idea of working together with a friendly team of Tonics towards the common goal appeal to you?

As a creative business, we recognize that creativity is best inspired by different experiences and perspectives and we strive to create a culture of belonging, where all our colleagues feel welcome and diversity is celebrated. As we push towards ever more ambitious and high-quality titles, we are looking for the finest talent in the industry to come and join us on our quest.

How to apply & really impress us

As a people-first company, our biggest priority is to hire the right person. A cover letter that tells us a bit about you and what you’re passionate about really helps to get our attention and distinguish your application from the crowd.

Successful applications will usually have a phone chat before being invited to a full interview. If you are applying for a creative role, remember a portfolio is essential. For all applications, we suggest you read the job description carefully and let us know why you believe you’re the right person to take on this job. We look forward to hearing from you.