Content Guidelines

Epic’s games and services let you create and share content with a wide and diverse audience. We want the Epic ecosystem to be welcoming for everyone, so certain content can’t be shared or transmitted through our services.

Sexual or Graphic Violent Content 

This isn’t the place for sexual content or overly violent content. 

Illegal or Dangerous Content

We don’t allow content involving or promoting illegal activities, including gambling, drugs, animal cruelty, fraud, hacking, and piracy. Harmful content that condones or incites violence against others has no place here.

Infringing or Unauthorized Content

Don’t share or use content you didn’t create or have permission from the owner to use. 

Intolerant or Discriminatory Content 

The Epic ecosystem welcomes diversity in race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and national origin. We don’t tolerate discriminatory content based on any of these characteristics, including individuals with disabilities. Celebrate diversity.

Additional Rules for Fortnite Creators

These Community Rules for Creators outline appropriate ways to create and share content for Creative Islands on Fortnite. Creators must follow the basic Content Guidelines listed above in addition to the rules below. 

  • Don’t implement gambling or casino style games that involve real money or V-Bucks

  • Don’t create promotions offering prizes 

  • Don’t sell, trade, or give away in-game items or game codes outside of channels approved by Epic

  • Don’t use the content of other users outside of Fortnite (e.g., in other games, on t-shirts).