New Marketplace Disclosure Requirements

The Digital Services Act, a European Union law, requires marketplaces to disclose information about certain sellers and products. We are making some changes to Epic’s marketplaces, including ArtStation Marketplace, Epic Games Store, Fab Plugin, Sketchfab Store and Unreal Engine Marketplace settings, to comply with the law.

The changes we are making include:

  • Verifying and displaying required information for certain sellers that intend to distribute products and content on Epic’s marketplaces.
  • Requiring sellers to certify that they will only offer products or services on Epic’s marketplaces that comply with European Union law.
  • Disclosing when sellers indicate that their products contain promotional content.

Below are FAQs to help you better understand what this means for you and what steps you need to take.

If I’m an existing seller, what do I need to do?

If you distribute content and products on Epic’s marketplaces you will have to self-identify as either a Trader or Non-Trader and provide certain information by February 1, 2025. This will help us determine if we need to disclose information about you publicly and what should be disclosed.

What is a Trader?

A Trader is a person or company that uses a marketplace for purposes related to their trade, business, craft, or profession. You are likely to be a Trader if you do one or more of the following:

  • You very frequently sell content to the consumers with the intention of making a profit (the sales do not all have to be on a specific marketplace)
  • You sell content through a registered company, you are a sole proprietor, or you have a VAT number
  • You sell a large volume of content over a period of time

The European Union’s guidelines for Traders are available here.

What information do I have to provide?

If you self-identify as a Trader, you will need to provide the information that is required by the law including your email address, address, and phone number. After we’ve verified your information, you can create an account. If your business address or business phone number is the same as your personal address or personal phone number, you will be given the choice of whether to display the information publicly. If you choose not to display your address publicly, we will only publish your city and country. Not disclosing information that is required by law may have legal consequences.

If you self-identify as a Non-Trader, you will go through basic verification and provide your contact information for tax and payment purposes. This information will not be displayed to the public. The following disclaimer will appear on your profile: “This seller is registered as a non-trader, so consumer rights from EU consumer protection laws do not apply.”

What if I don’t want to provide the required information?

If you are a new seller, you will not be able to set up an account on our marketplaces unless you provide all the necessary information and it is verified.

If you are an existing seller, you need to identify as a Trader or Non-Trader and provide the necessary information by February 1, 2025. Not providing the necessary information may impact your ability to continue to distribute products on Epic’s marketplaces.

What is promotional content?

When you upload new content to the marketplace, you will have to identify assets that contain promotional content in the marketplace settings. Promotional content may include things like product placement, logos, slogans or other content that promotes or advertises your own or someone else’s real-world brand.