Epic Online Services Launches Free In-Game Voice and Easy Anti-Cheat

Epic Games now has over 500 million accounts with 2.7 billion friend connections across Fortnite, Rocket League, and the Epic Games Store. All of this is supported by Epic Online Services, a set of online services originally built for Fortnite and now available to all creators for free so they can easily launch, operate, and scale their games using any engine, store or platform of their choice.

In addition, Epic Online Services today is launching two highly-anticipated free services: Voice and Easy Anti-Cheat. These new free tools will further establish Epic Online Services as an industry-leader in backend services for game developers.

Operating voice communications and anti-cheat in a popular online game can cost millions of dollars. By offering these online services to everyone for free, Epic aims to empower more developers to build cross-platform games, connect their player communities, grow the games industry, and realize the vision of the Metaverse, together.


Watch the Voice launch trailer here:

Voice is a new cross-platform voice communication service that empowers developers to integrate in-game voice chat functionality into their projects using any major game engine.

Prior to its release, Voice has been integrated and battle-tested in Fortnite, offering players a built-in cross-platform solution to chat and play with their friends. The service has proven to provide high-quality, stable, fast, and efficient voice functionality at massive scale.

Voice enables developers to offer players one-on-one or group chat functionality across multiple platforms, during a match or in lobbies. Connections are established between authenticated users and relayed through the Epic Online Services back-end servers. Epic Online Services handles all the scaling, quality of service, maintenance, multi-region presence, and other machinery of the voice servers.

Easy Anti-Cheat

Watch the Easy Anti-Cheat launch trailer here:

Easy Anti-Cheat, which joined the Epic family in 2018, is a well-established brand with nearly a decade of experience servicing over a hundred online PC games worldwide.

Easy Anti-Cheat is trusted to handle millions of users at peak times. Its long-standing, scalable systems continually evolve and enable all games to benefit from new cheat prevention and detection techniques as discovered for any of the served games.

Easy Anti-Cheat enables developers to get direct control of anti-cheat enforcement in their game and maintain a fair playing field between PC and other platforms. The service seamlessly integrates with Epic Online Services’ Player sanctions and Player reports, and receives continuous updates as cheats evolve.

Visit https://dev.epicgames.com/services to sign up for Epic Online Services, and to see a full list of features, including Matchmaking, Lobbies, Leaderboards, and much more.