KAWS and Serpentine Team Up with Fortnite to Bring Art to the Metaverse

Today we announced a new collaboration between Fortnite, artist KAWS and Serpentine. In a first-of-its-kind experience bridging the physical and virtual art worlds, Fortnite Creator teams BeyondCreative and Alliance Studios have recreated the latest KAWS global art project 'NEW FICTION,' which opened today at Serpentine North. The exhibition will be available simultaneously in Fortnite Creative, allowing players and art fans from all around the world to access the show from anywhere.

The gallery will be featured until January 25 at 10am ET, accessible from Fortnite's Discover page.

Located in London's Kensington Gardens, public art institution Serpentine is known for its contemporary art, including paintings and sculptures by world-renowned artist KAWS.

KAWS said: "This is an incredibly exciting project for me. I always like exploring new mediums for my art. The collaboration with Fortnite means everything is coming together in a complex exhibition that takes place in parallel realities. I want to thank the incredible teams at Fortnite and Serpentine."

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director and Bettina Korek, CEO, Serpentine said: "We are thrilled to work with such an incredible group of collaborators on this unique project that tests how Serpentine can enter the metaverse. This multi-dimensional project, accessible through virtual and physical portals, demonstrates the remarkable synergies between gaming, space, and sensorial experience."

Nate Nanzer, VP of Global Partnerships at Epic Games said: "This is the second time we've partnered up with KAWS to bring his unique artistic vision to Fortnite - and the first time Fortnite has made a real-world art exhibit accessible virtually to our millions of players around the world. Art and creative culture inspire our players on a daily basis, and we're thrilled that this partnership will bring the work of KAWS to an even more diverse global audience. This is a space we plan to continue to invest in over the coming years."

For full details on the Creative Hub experience, visit the Fortnite blog post.