Note to Recruitment Agencies

Epic Games and its subsidiaries (together “Epic”) does not accept any unsolicited resumes or approaches from any unauthorized third party (including recruitment or placement agencies).  Please do not approach Epic or any of our employees in relation to any job postings.  If you have a candidate you wish us to consider for a role, please contact our Recruitment Team to see if we are prepared to engage with third parties for this role and agree terms with you.  Please note that you will only be considered to be an authorized third party for a role if the agreement has gone through our proper processes and is validly executed.  We do not accept any agreement based on performance, course of conduct, negative consent, oral agreements, implied contracts or any other means save by proper execution of a written agreement by Epic.

If you send us any resumes, anonymous profiles and / or discuss any potential candidates with us without a signed and valid agreement in place for that role, in accordance with applicable data protection laws, in doing so you warrant you have the authority to send Epic such information and Epic has the right to contact the applicable individual. We shall therefore consider any such documents and information our property and shall not be liable for any recruitment compensation or any other fees associated with that potential candidate; even if we hire them for that role or another role in our business.  In particular, we reserve the right to pursue and hire such potential candidates in those circumstances without any fees being due to you, your firm, or any other unsolicited sender.