Introducing Unreal Editor for Fortnite, Creator Economy 2.0, Fab and more

During today’s State of Unreal keynote at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, we revealed Epic’s long-term vision for the future of content creation, distribution, and monetization—including how we’re laying the foundations for a connected, open ecosystem and economy that will enable all creators and developers to benefit in the metaverse.

Unreal Editor for Fortnite now in Public Beta

What if creators and developers had more powerful tools and greater creative flexibility to reach Fortnite’s huge audience of more than 500 million player accounts? That becomes possible with Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), launched in Public Beta today at the State of Unreal.

UEFN is a version of Unreal Editor that can create and publish experiences directly to Fortnite. With many of Unreal Engine 5’s powerful features at your fingertips, creators and developers have a whole world of new creative options for producing games and experiences that can be enjoyed by millions of Fortnite players.

Creator Economy 2.0 

UEFN is being launched alongside Creator Economy 2.0, and in particular, engagement payouts—a new way for eligible Fortnite island creators, including Epic, to receive money based on engagement with their published content. 

Engagement payouts proportionally distribute 40% of the net revenue from Fortnite’s Item Shop and most real-money Fortnite purchases to the creators of eligible islands and experiences, both islands from independent creators and Epic's own such as Battle Royale. Learn more here.

Fab—we're building a unified 3D marketplace

Fab update as of Sept. 20, 2023: Fab’s launch has been delayed to 2024. We need more time to deliver a fabulous experience from day one. We’ll share more news next year about how to migrate your work and create your Fab account.

In 2024, we’re bringing together our marketplaces—Unreal Engine Marketplace, Sketchfab, Quixel Bridge, and the ArtStation Marketplace—to launch Fab: a unified marketplace where creators can find, publish, and share digital assets for use in creating digital experiences.

Fab will bring together a massive community where creators will earn an 88% revenue share, and the marketplace will host all types of digital content including 3D models, materials, sound, VFX, MetaHumans, and more; supporting all engines, all metaverse-inspired games which support imported content, and the most popular digital content creation packages.

A peek at what’s coming in Unreal Engine 5.2

Unreal Engine is the backbone of the Epic ecosystem. The launch of UE5 last spring put even more creative power in the hands of developers. Since that release, 77% of users are using Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine 5.2 offers further refinement and optimizations alongside several new features. The 5.2 Preview release is available today via the Epic Games Launcher and GitHub.

Learn more about the features coming to 5.2 on the Unreal Engine blog.

MetaHuman Animator: high-fidelity performance capture 

Offering a faster, simpler workflow that anyone can pick up and use—regardless of animation experience—MetaHuman Animator can produce the quality of facial animation required by AAA game developers and Hollywood filmmakers, while at the same time being accessible to indie studios and even hobbyists.

News from Unreal Engine 5 developers

State of Unreal featured demonstrations from partners that showcased what’s possible right now with Unreal Engine 5 and other Epic tools.  

Highlights include:

  • Cubit Studios showed gameplay for Infinitesimals, a richly-detailed third-person action adventure game coming to the Epic Games Store and published by Epic Games.
  • Kabam announced King Arthur: Legends Rise, their visually stunning squad-based RPG set in a reimagined Arthurian world that features seamless crossplay and cross-progression between mobile and PC.
  • HEXWORKS, a CI Games studio, provided an exclusive look at how they’re using UE5 to build their dark fantasy action-RPG, Lords of the Fallen, one of this year’s most highly anticipated games coming to PC and console.
  • NCSOFT shared an all-new look at Project M, an action-adventure title designed with immersive interactive elements that features highly realistic characters and cinematic storytelling in which the player’s choices and control can influence the story and ending of the game.
You can read more on the Unreal Engine blog, or follow @EpicNewsroom for more updates.