Introducing Voice Reporting in Fortnite

Today, we are introducing voice reporting in Fortnite. Now, in addition to being able to block, mute, and report other players, you will be able to submit audio evidence when reporting suspected violations of our Community Rules. This will help us take action against players using voice chat to bully, harass, discriminate, or engage in other inappropriate behavior.

How Voice Reporting Works


When voice reporting is on, the last five minutes of voice chat audio are captured on a rolling basis. This means only the immediate last five minutes of audio is reportable. As new audio is captured, any previous audio that's more than five minutes old is automatically deleted. Voice chat audio is securely captured on your device — for example your gaming console or PC — not the Epic Games servers. 

If you report a conversation, the voice chat audio captured from the last five minutes will be uploaded with the report and sent to Epic moderators for review. You can see if voice reporting is currently on or off in the Sidebar. Note: Epic has no way of accessing any voice chat audio unless voice reporting is on and a participant submits a voice report. 

Read more about voice reporting at the Fortnite blog.