Epic Internships

When you join Epic you'll join a team that's pushing the limits of gaming and interactive. From Unreal Engine to Fortnite, to the Epic Games Store, you'll contribute to the unrelenting focus on innovation, quality and community that defines us.

Epic Beginnings
As an Epic intern you'll work with seasoned experts in the gaming world to craft and hone your skills for the future.
Bring your passion and know-how to the table, and we'll put you to work on real-world projects. You'll be immersed in our dev teams like any other member of the team. 

The Intern Program

What to expect

Interns at Epic are fully embedded with our teams, working on real-world problems and challenging projects in gaming. You will learn alongside our strongest leads and mentors, contributing to actual deliverables in a production environment, with a high expectation to succeed. 

The total package

We offer interns a competitive package that includes pay, relocation assistance and housing benefits. Our studios offer additional perks like catered meals, memorable events, and lots of Epic swag.  

Internship timing

Epic Internships happen year round with work terms ranging from 3-12 months. We post roles well in advance of the intended start date, so check back often for updates. Each role will remain posted until we find a match. 
Who is eligible for internship?
We focus on individuals beyond high school with 0-3 years of formal working experience in either tech and gaming industries. This ranges from undergrad, grad student, PhD, and recent grads, as well as non-traditional higher education.
When should I apply?
In short, as soon as possible. Internship roles are competitive, and we fill them as soon as we find the best match. There are no official deadlines to apply, and since we hire year-round, here are some general recruitment windows to keep in mind: 
For summer internships: September - March
For fall co-ops: May - August
For spring co-ops: September - December
Where do you recruit from?
We partner extensively with universities and higher education programs, big and small, that contribute to the 3D graphics and gaming communities. While we are selective in the number of schools that we physically visit each year, we are not limited in our ability to develop remote partnerships and posting positions online. If you've got the right skills and a passion for the industry, we would love to work with you.
How do I prepare for the interview process?
Learning about Epic is great place to start! There are many ways to get to know our tools and products before you apply. Download Unreal Engine, check out content from recent releases, and get up to speed on the latest news in the industry. When you're ready to apply make sure your resume is up to date and showcases only the most relevant projects and experience for the role which you've applied. Ensure there's a clear understanding of your involvement in the projects, and be ready to talk in detail about anything you list on your resume.
I've applied and haven't heard back.
University recruiting seasons each span a few months. Please refer to our recruitment windows outlined above to get a sense of timelines and the best times to apply. We expect all intern candidates to receive final notice of their application status by the listed application deadlines. This will be March, August, and December for summer, fall, and spring internship terms respectively.
I'm an educator and want to integrate Unreal Engine in the classroom.
We provide learning resources for educators at https://www.unrealengine.com/education
I'm a student and I want to learn more about Unreal Engine.
The UE online learning site is a great place to start, as well as our student-dedicated page. There you'll find free video tutorials and classes on a range of tools from beginning to expert level.
I'm a student or indie developer in need of funding to build something digital.
Apply for an Epic MegaGrant