Spyjinx FAQ

By The Spyjinx Team


Where can I download Spyjinx?
During the beta test, the Spyjinx is only available on Apple iOS App Store in certain countries. Players in beta test countries can use this link to download the game. Want to know when Spyjinx will be available in your country? Sign-up and we’ll be in touch via email.

Which iOS devices are compatible with Spyjinx?

Spyjinx currently supports devices compatible with iOS 11 and newer.
  • iPhone 6s/6s+ and newer
  • iPad Pro 1 and newer
  • iPad Air 2 and newer
  • iPad Mini 4 and newer
Which Android devices are compatible with Spyjinx?
The beta test is initially on iOS only. We’ll email everyone when this changes. 


Is voice chat available on Mobile devices?
The best way to use voice chat is by joining the Spyjinx’s Discord Server! Join fellow recruits and Masterminds in discussing the League on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.



What happens to my progress during beta test?
We have no plans to wipe player progress during this period. We will inform you if this ever changes.

Does Spyjinx require an online connection? 
Yes. All players will need proper online tech with a persistent online connection.

What languages does Spyjinx support?
Participating in Spyjinx is currently only available in English

Are Bluetooth controllers supported on Mobile devices?
Players will control the game with touch controls. Controllers are not supported at this time.

How can I get help from the Player Support team when I have issues?
Please reach out to Player Support if you encounter any issues by visiting 
the Support Center.