Spyjinx Fusing Update and Patch Notes For April 22, 2020

By Kolkata | Office of The Suits / Athena
DATE: [4.22.2020]
UPDATE: 0.13.1

Dearest Masterminds,
To aid your effectiveness in the field, the League has implemented the following protocols:

Project FUSE - New Item Fusing System

The Jinx League is nothing without our amazing Masterminds, and we know our Masterminds couldn’t do all they do without access to the latest and greatest items. We also know that every Mastermind has items they love, and others they could do without. As a small token of our gratitude for your aid in testing this new SPYJINX portal, we’re thrilled to unveil a powerful system which will allow you to keep and improve the items you love, while dropping the ones you don’t!

Codenamed “FUSE”, this item fusing system allows Masterminds to take three items and fuse them together to create a better version with a higher Jinx value! You can use FUSE to get higher-valued Jinx Artifacts, Defenses, and even Rooms. Now, some of you may have heard rumor that FUSE can increase the rarity of an item...I cannot confirm these allegations...I won’t deny them, either! But fair warning, my hard-working Masterminds: using this powerful system doesn’t come cheap. Those who know me know I always say that nothing in life is free, and FUSE is no different. It will cost you a decent chunk of Cash...but judging by your impressive work in the field, it’s nothing you can’t earn back through Missions, Challenges, and PvP!

Oh! One last thing: you should know that your Command Center must be upgraded to at least Level 4 before you can utilize FUSE


Gadget Adjustments

I’ve heard some say that “a Mastermind is only as good as their Gadgets”. You and I both know there’s a lot more to Masterminding than that; but, to make sure our Gadgets are as refined and helpful to you in the field as possible, our Tech Team has made the following adjustments:
  • Adrenaline adjustments:
    • Damage and Movement speed are now split into two separate variables.
    • Damage: +33%/50%/66%/83%/100% (up from +20%/22%/24%/26%/28%)
    • Speed: +20%/22/24/26/28.
    • Duration: 20/25/30/35/40s (up from +20/24/28/32/36s.)
  • Infrared Energy 
    • The Energy cost of this Gadget has been reduced to 1.
  • Floorplans IV and Floorplans V will no longer drop.

General Fixes and Improvements

Speaking for The League and The Office of The Suits, we strive to give Masterminds the best experience possible while operating in the SPYJINX portal. Because of this, we’ve implemented the following:
  • Victory and Defeat Screens have improved clarity that shows your progress toward unfinished Objectives and the final match time.
  • Upgrading the Vault now adds additional slots for scanning stolen Artifacts. Slots start at  three, and can be upgraded to nine.
  • Cracking the Vault is now faster and more responsive. The keypad appears faster, the code can be entered faster, and gameplay can be resumed faster after the keypad closes.
  • Onboarding Mission #2 has refined flow to make it easier to learn Gadgets, and the Cash Cube and Vault Objectives.
  • Fixed some Artifacts that had incorrect Jinx, and fixed a bug where items in the Vault incorrectly counted toward Jinx.
  • Improved matchmaking by fixing some bugs that could result in Masterminds getting kicked out at the start of a match.
  • Fixed an issue in Onboarding where menus could incorrectly overlap.
  • Other bug fixes and balance includes:
    • Agent XP cost to upgrade was increased by 1,000 per level 
    • Starting Jinx for Command, Vault, and Tech rooms have been reduced from 100 to 50, upgrading these rooms still grants 100 Jinx each time. 
    • Cash Cube starting Jinx has been reduced from 50 to 25, upgrading Cash Cubes still grants 50 Jinx each time.

All my best, always,
Office of The Suits / Athena