Spyjinx Patch Notes .14.1 for June 5, 2020

DATE: [6.5.2020]
UPDATE: 0.14.1
Marvelous Masterminds,
The League constantly strives to find the best ways to serve and empower you. As such, the following policies have been implemented and are to be considered Official League Protocol from here on out:


  • Pre-Season Battle Pass #2
    • We’re delighted to say we now have 50 new Levels, with over 60 rewards available for you to unlock! This includes three new Agents, Hideout icons, daily login bonuses, new Medals, and up to 500 Spy-Bucks.
  • Gadgets now Upgradable
    • After extensive research, our stellar R&D division has added  15 new levels of power for most Gadgets. Spend your hard “earned” Cash to increase their power.
  • Introducing: The Danger Tower!
    • Brace yourselves, Masterminds! Developed by the League’s best and brightest (with significant oversight from Grand Mastermind Geo), this 10 level challenge is a true test of your Mastermind skills in Agent loadout, strategy, and time management.
  • Weekly Rivals!
    • Now, you can compete with up to 10 fellow Masterminds to see who earns the highest Jinx ranking by the end of the week! While everyone will be awarded Artifacts, only those with the most Jinx will earn Artifacts with higher rarity. 


  • Calling all Masterminds with a Command Center (CC) at Level 2 or lower: 
    • Thanks to the incredibly valuable feedback from our Masterminds, we’ve been continually updating Spyjinx to best serve you. As such, a lot has been changed to how we prepare new Masterminds. To ensure Masterminds with a CC at Level 2 or lower get the full benefits of these training enhancements, they will be reset to take on our newly redesigned onboarding--which we’re now calling “Tryouts”.
      • As a THANK YOU for bearing with us while we make these upgrades, Masterminds who are reset will receive 500 Spy-Bucks, AND as an added bonus: you’ll be able to select a new starter Hideout! If you’ve already purchased one of these Hideouts, don’t worry--you’ll be fully reimbursed!
    • For Masterminds with CCs at Level 3 and up, you won’t be reset. In recognition of your impressive progress in your League career so far, you’ll be awarded 1200 Spy-Bucks to purchase a new Hideout!
  • Head-to-Head action against ‘friendly’ Masterminds!
    • Our new, state-of-the-art Social System now supports 1v1 Matches against Masterminds you’ve befriended. Additionally, recently-played Masterminds now show up in your Friends List as 'Friend Suggestions’.
  • New Elimination Reward: Shark Elimination at Battle Pass Level 5!
    • Once you’ve reached Battle Pass Level 5, we’ve added the Shark Elimination as a new Mastermind Reward! Masterminds who have already purchased  the Shark Elimination from the store will be reimbursed.
  • Completing a PvP mission now awards additional Cash!
  • Vault Codes are now only three digits 
    • Psst--a little tip? When you’re looking for Vault Code digits, two can be found from defeating Defenses, and one digit can be found from hitting Cash Cubes!
  • Adjustments to our Fusing System
    • We’ve reduced restrictions so that Artifacts of any size are compatible (so long as they’re the same rarity)! 
    • Rooms only have to match in footprint shape to upgrade to the next rarity. 
    • And to make Fusing even better, we’ve increased the rewards you receive when Fusing items that match.
  • The Jinx Rating of core rooms has been slightly reduced (level 2 rooms add 50 Jinx rather than 100). This may result in a slight loss of Jinx Rating. 
    • This change, along with new and faster Command Center progression, will make Jinx progression more consistent.
  • Cash generation from Cash Cubes now fills in 12.5 hours (up from 10 hours).
  • Perfect swaps are now counted as a combo (2x, 3x, 4x, etc)--see what’s the highest combo you can get! (NOTE: Currently, there’s no in-match benefit for earning a higher combo)
  • To assist with in-match navigation of a Hideout, Agent movement after clearing a room of Defenses has been improved
  • Core rooms can now be upgraded to level 15.
  • Cameras are now more uniform across the game--and now with less zoom!
  • All cutscenes can now be skipped.
  • Agent upgrade costs have been reduced
  • Operatives of all rarities can now be leveled up 2 additional levels.
  • Several art improvements have been made:
    • Jacket spikes no longer clip through the collar of the jacket.
    • Agent eyes have been slightly adjusted.
    • Updated the springboard material, and fixed clipping issues with springs.
    • Touched up the models of Security Guards, Strong Guards, Poison Guards, and Dog Bots.
    • Touched up the Claw Machine model.
    • Flipped the gun model so it's facing the correct way.
    • Added the exploding gift elimination textures.


To make sure our Gadgets are as refined and helpful to you in the field as possible, our Tech Team has made a number of adjustments: 
  • MedBay, Security, and Research Rooms have their own specific Gadgets: 
    • MedBays can have Kevlar, XP Boost, and MedKit.
    • Security Rooms can have Floor Plan, Cash Boost, Heavy Ammo, and Infrared.
    • Research Rooms can have any of the above.
  • Gadgets will now show their effectiveness stats on the Gadget screen.
  • The Flashbang Gadget now damages all Defenses in the room.
  • Grenade Gadget explosions now occur mid-air, towards the middle of the target.
  • Healing Gadgets now heal flat amounts instead of percentages.
  • The Tech Room UI now shows Gadgets awarded at each level.


  • Brawler Muscle Swap Ability
    • Final hit swap damage now deals 1000 damage (up from 980).
  • Thief Dodge Ability
    • Thieves no longer dodge more than 1 hit in a row.
  • Agent stars have been removed from the game, and replaced with additional levels and additive stats:
    • Nothing has been lost on your favorite agents! Stat changes are as follows:
      • Level 2: +8% (up from 0%)
      • Level 3: +8% (up from 0%)
      • Level 4: +17% (down from 33%)
      • +33% total  (unchanged from 33% with the star system)
    • Upgrading Agents now costs XP rather than Tokens
    • Only Agency Stars gained from leveling your Command Center can be used on Agents.
  • Agents now show stat increases when eligible for upgrade or promotion.
  • All Agents now have the same damage scale in Command Center fights.
  • Agents now have a "best at" class iconography to help clarify which Defenses they’re best against.
  • Agent swap damage is now displayed on the Agent Info screen.
  • Defending agents are stronger in Race, PVE, and Danger Towers. The changes are as follows:
    • PvE Easy: 100% (no change)
    • Medium: 133%
    • Hard: 166%
  • Race and Danger Towers have +33% power every 3 levels
  • Agents in harder PvE missions and Race mode now have increased health and cause more damage.
  • The Agent squad now moves to the specific location clicked within a room.
  • Agents can now swap at the beginning of a Command Center fight.


  • Stats no longer show incorrectly on Agent upgrade screens.
  • Closing the edit menu while hovering over items no longer causes them to be dragged outside of the edit menu.
  • Exterior Artifacts no longer become unselectable.
  • During elevator floor transitions, the camera no longer pans erratically during Hideout infiltrations if the Mastermind was zooming in or out.
  • Rooms are reverted to their last placement location if attempting to move them triggers an invalid location.
  • The MacGuffin is no longer hidden in an exterior room during missions.
  • Repeated viewings of the Battle Pass no longer crashes Spyjinx.
  • Exterior decor objects are no longer invisible on Shark Island.
  • Agents no longer stay on the floor for a few seconds after being sent down an elevator.
  • Fixed issue where the Command Center combat button could remain visible when your Agents go down an elevator.
  • The MedBay room symbol is no longer visible when the room is half-revealed.
  • Hideout elevators now properly form to doors after being rearranged in the Hideout editor.
  • Equipped Gadgets' levels are now respected in missions.
  • Masterminds can properly interact with the Info/Use buttons on Agents and inventory items on the bottom row of the display.

Keep up all the great work, Masterminds! And remember: Sine adunationem, non vera victoria.

Office of The Suits / Athena