Spyjinx Update and Patch Notes for May 13, 2020

DATE: [5.13.2020]
UPDATE: 0.14
In striving to provide agents with the most effective facilities & practices possible, the League has made the following policy adjustments:

Major Features:

  • Completing objectives is no longer required for stealing an artifact! Remember, stealing a higher rarity artifact requires more time. Stay focused!
  • Daily Free Packs will replace the Daily VIP  Packs, and be available to all Masterminds!


  • Finding the MacGuffin will now reward extra XP and Cash (Vaults continue to reward extra cash, Command Centers reward extra XP)
  • Artifacts now have icons showing how they boost defenses in the room where they are placed
  • Masterminds have a New and improved equip process for Agents and Gadgets.
  • Added more time to early DAILY PVE missions.
  • The difficulty of Hideouts used in Race Mode has been reduced (Defense star power has been reduced)
  • Adjusted the Missions that Masterminds will receive based on their Command Center Level:
    • Command Center Levels 1 and 2 - Only receives easy Daily PvE missions. 
    • Command Center Levels 2 and 3 -  2 easy and 1 medium Daily PvE missions. 
    • Command Center Levels 4 and above - 1 easy, 1 medium and 1 hard Daily PvE missions
  • Medium PVE difficulty has been lightly reduced for new players (fewer defenses, with fewer power stars)
  • MacGuffin Trophy now floats lower during infiltration to prevent view obstruction.

Gadget Adjustments

To make sure our Gadgets are as refined and helpful to you in the field as possible, our Tech Team has made the following Gadget adjustments:
  • E-Cell 
    • Now grants 2 Energy
  • Shuriken 
    • Now costs 1 Energy at all levels. 
    • Shuriken Stack Size increased to 3 at all levels.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Now costs 1 Energy at all levels.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to not receive Cash and Xp from a match.
  • The Macguffin trophy now appears properly when found in a match where the Macguffin isn't an objective.
  • The Thief Male now has the correct weapon position in the character screen.
  • Level 1 Gadgets now properly appear as level 1 in the UI.
  • Players will no longer gain an unintended amount of Cash from 2 Player Races.
  • Blue boxes will no longer appear over emotes after a lobby elimination.
  • Players will no longer hit a soft lock state when returning to the globe after being kicked out of a PVE match.
  • Fixed an issue that may prevent progression during a PvE infiltration mission.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from swapping Agents to the leader position during a Command Center Battle.
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