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Video games: THE GOOD / THE BAD

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    Video games: THE GOOD / THE BAD

    - What? Are you kidding me? Haven't the developers played their own game before releasing it?! -

    Have you or your friends ever said that during gameplay? I'd bet Portal cake that probably more than 90% of you have. I'd like to invite you to, in this thread, share your THE GOOD / THE BAD moments in different videogames, basically things you thought "Jeeez, did they really design it this way? Who came up with this idea?". Some will agree, some won't, but please have a go and explain your point of view.

    Some examples:

    THE BAD: the reboot of Tomb Raider 2013 was great. Loved the idea of the new female heroine, the way it should have always been! They had SUCH an opportunity with that character development and Lara's learning curve was SO well written... until she got her hands on a gun. Now, I understand that for gameplay reasons you have to make Lara badass and tough, but... I have to say Lara's transformation into a blood-thirsty killing machine kind of caught me off-guard. I did NOT expect that to happen that soon. They could have, slowly but steadily, made the island itself shape that new Lara, harsh environments and tough decisions (kill or be killed - for a reason) - like in Arrow (the TV show).

    THE GOOD: I have recently acquired and played about 150 hours of ARK: Survival Evolved. Now THAT is how a developer treats fanbase/players/customers. Constant updates (they are in Early Access) with constant content, always explaining players what and why they are doing things, having an active community and actually listening to them as they shape their game. It's very refreshing to see a studio like theirs work that way, and that in my book gives them A LOT of credit and trust.

    My first example was about narrative while my second example about taking care of users. The BONUS example though is about what people would consider a silly complaint :P Feel free to discuss and speak your mind about anything! Thanks for joining!

    THE BAD: Fallout 4! Awesome game! And no, I am not going to complain about the bugs (which I still think companies get away with because we as players have kind of accepted the day-one patch...) but about something much more functional. It's a bit silly to me having to select something (UI) and then for confirmations having to press ENTER. I'm sorry, but if my hand is confortably set on WASD as all player hands should be, how am I going to hit ENTER? Am I supposed to move my mouse-hand and hit the key? Easily fixed with a patch!
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    Interesting opinions I myself haven't played tomb raider or Ark but plan on picking it up soon. It does feel you aren't accounting for the fact that Lara Croft was thrown on an island that is trying to kill her an everything she loves, and as far as I know I would do the same thing if I was in that situation.