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    A Jaded ChAIR Superfan

    Nine years ago a young 21 year old Undergrad booted up his Xbox and saw a shiny new game called Undertow appear on the Live Arcade. Intrigued this young man bought the game, pressed download and ran off to class. Later that night, he booted up the game and found himself lost in the underwater wonders. He recruited his friends, bought a case of beer and got lost for a whole weekend in the wonder that is Undertow. He couldn’t get ChAIR out of his mind. What was this new gaming studio? How did they make a game so addicting that it pulled him away from Gears of War, Halo, and late night drunken Guitar Hero? The young man was in love. He found himself doodling in class, fawning over his new crush, ChAIR Entertainment. The passion was fierce, the desire was strong, but like all young love, it started to fade. His friends moved on to new games and the young man found himself replaying Undertow’s single player campaign. After each playthrough the luster of his love faded a little more. Eventually ChAIR was no longer on his mind; he had started to move on and was starting to forget his torrid love affair.

    Then, came the fall of 2009. The young man had graduated college and had moved on to the working world of adulthood. His 9-5 job provided what he needed to sustain his lifeforce, but there was something missing. He began to reminisce about his lost love ChAIR and the fun they had when Undertow was released. What ever happened to ChAIR he wondered? Well, ChAIR had been hard at work and was about to reenter his life in a furry of side scrolling action. Shadow Complex was released and the young man found himself once again in the clutches of love’s strong grip. He was obsessed, ChAIR had hit gold again and had far surpassed their work on Undertow. Shadow Complex was near perfect and he played it to death. In fact, to this day, now 7 years later, he still fires up some shadow complex every now and then. ChAIR had hooked him again, but this time the claws would not come out for 5 years.

    The amazing and critically acclaimed Shadow Complex was followed up by an ambitous and addicting new title called Infinity Blade in 2010. Infinity Blade was released on iOS 4 days after the man’s daughter was born. Having a new born was exhausting and wonderful. The baby would wake up throughout the night needing attention and food and love. The man stumbled through his days half awake and half asleep. There was work, there was food, there was his kid, and there was sometimes sleep. There wasn’t much room for gaming anymore but the man had his new iPhone 3GS and he had Infinity Blade and the quick paced swiping sword play, the frentic action and the bare bones story were just what the doctor ordered. He squeezed in fights on his lunch break, between late night feedings, and as a way to relax before bed. He leveled up further and further. He dove into backward rebirths, he defeated the God King more times than he could count and he loved every minute. The game still resides on his iPhone and though that save is long gone, he still opens the app every now and then for some nostalgia.

    A sweet year later ChAIR came calling again with Infinity Blade II. The man was still hooked on the first one, but quickly downloaded the sequel and dived in. The world of Infinity Blade II was more robust, more detailed, more awesome. There was a companion novel and there were more ways to fight than ever before. The man swiped across his iPhone’s screen slaying foe after foe. He explored every brancing path, ate up every expansion pack and was head over heals in love with ChAIR and their Infinity Blade franchise. He also discovered the Infinty Blade forums and joined to connect with other like minded individuals. He quickly became a rising star, joining the elite clubs, nerding out with his new friends. Infinity Blade forums brought him joy and new strong friendships. He started making YouTube videos with some on these friends. His name online became TywinTheVile, he made a YouTube Channel and joined elite Inifity Blade Youtubers Soldier4Good and InfinityBladeFans. Eventually they formed a short lived channel called the Infinity Blade Masters. They were the cream of the crop in the game and a YouTube hub for some of the most amazing skill based Infinity Blade Gameplay out there. He also formed a friendship with elite and hardcore player TamL, and though their relationship soured, he will always consider her a friend. ChAIR seemed they could do no wrong and the Infinity Blade franchise seemed destined for great things.

    In 2012, in the midst of all the skill clubs, the leveling, the youtube videos and the late night lore chats a new game was announced: Infinity Blade Dungeons. It was Diablo meets Infinity Blade and it looked amazing with so much promise and so much potential. And while this new game was not to be developed by the love of his life ChAIR, it looked so sweet. Alas, the game never saw the light of day and was canceled officially in 2013. It was a reminder to the man that love and life was fleeting. Fortunately for the man, ChAIR was still alive and could still bring him the much needed gaming he now so desired on his phone. And bring it they did when they released Infinity Blade III and billed it as the epic conclusion to the Infinity Blade Trilogy.

    But the love would never be the same. The third game while being a technical marvel and the most robust and detailed game never met the man’s expectations. It was a huge world with two playable characters, hundreds of items, a fully realized plot with top notch voice actors, but it was also a bloated mess with dual currencies, timers, and Free2Play trappings. Subsequent updates helped the game be balanced, eliminated some of the bloat and toned down the Paymium features, but the damage was done. Truly it was a great game and the man and his friends spent a year playing and making fun YouTube videos about it and dove in head first. However, unlike the first two games in the franchise, the burnout rate on Infinity Blade III was real and only the diehard fans could truly dedicate their lives to it. The man had dedicated so much time and energy into the first two games and was fully ready to do the same for the third but something happened.

    As the man was swiping away, slaying his foes and leveling his characters, he realized that really nothing had changed. ChAIR was just repackaging the same thing with shinier and slightly improved graphics. There was once again a tie-in novella and the hype was real. However, the game couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a PC game or a mobile game. It couldn’t decide if it wanted to be freemium or premium, so it skirted the line. It was impressive, but also it fell short. It was engaging, but also grew tedious. It was no longer treading new ground. The walls that the first two games had pushed down and the path they had paved for mobile gaming allowed for numerous AAA titles to come out and push innovation better and further than Infity Blade III chose to do. The franchise started to feel stale and the man realized that ChAIR was not the perfect girlfriend he had built up in his mind. He started to see her flaws, her warts, and her baggage. He stopped playing the game as did most of his hardcore friends. He stopped dedicating his YouTube videos to a dying franchise. He moved on to newer games. Play testing, beta testing and eating up hundreds of games in the three years since the last ChAIR game was released.

    The man looks back now with fondness of his former love. ChAIR was and still could be a gaming company that the man Instabuys all their games, but time has soured his love. ChAIR has slowly faded from his memory. They missed out on the momentum they had built up with their mobile games and other developers have filled the void in the man’s heart. He still wants to believe ChAIR can do great things, their track record shows they can, but time is working against them. The world of constant mobile releases might mean that ChAIR’s next game may get lost in the shuffle. The man hopes not. In November 2015, the man thought he saw a slimmer of hope.

    A Jaded ChAIR Superfan

    Novemeber 2015 a partnership between ChAIR and JJ Abrams was announced and a new game called Spyjinx was set to come to PC and Mobile. The man get excited. Maybe he could rekindle his relationship with ChAIR, get back into YouTube and pour his sweat and tears into a new amazing mobile game from his once fiery love. He went to, signed up for the closed beta and waited with bated breath. He thought since he had dedicated so many years to ChAIR that he would be a good candidate for the closed beta. He thought that them featuring his videos and him being and Infinity Blade Master (the Heavy Master for those that have not forgotten him) would mean he would get an invite and help them shape their new game. Alas, November rolled into Decemember and before the man knew it, it was nearing the end of June 2016 and he had gotten no invite. 7 months since they announced the game and the last facebook update shown was April and the last post on their forum was around the same time. It’s always the same with ChAIR now, “We will announce more soon.” Well, guess what ChAIR? It is now halfway through 2016 and we haven’t heard much of anything. In fact, we have almost forgotten you and your supposed new game (at least this man has).

    Though, hope is not lost. Maybe they are in beta testing now and they just didn’t let this man have a chance. Maybe there will be a surprise announcement soon. Maybe come December Spyjinx will release and it’ll be amazing and the man will forget his other suitors and fall back in love with ChAIR. Maybe there is magic left at the HQ in Utah. Maybe people will still care about ChAIR. They at least released a remastered Shadow Complex to PC (But where is our sequel). The Infinity Blade forums are probably still alive (this man wouldn’t know), but the Spyjinx forums are dead. I pray to Galath that we will someday be rewarded with an amazing game by ChAIR and Bad Robot. I pray to Ausar that the game wont be a freemium mess of IAPs and Timers. I pray all these things and more, but most of all I pray that ChAIR can make me fall in love again. Until then my PC will play the countless other amazing games and my iPhone will be home to numerous mobile titles that have caught my eye. I will never forget, however, my first mobile love, and my long lost sweatheart ChAIR.

    Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this, check out my YouTube Channel TywintheVile for some Infinity Blade and other mobile gaming videos and never lose hope that someday we will see spyjinx and that it wont fall into whatever hole Infinity Blade Dungeons got lost in. Good night.
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      Hey TywinTheVile,

      Would really hate to lose you. You've been a fixture both in IB and here.

      I can tell you that SPYJINX is still underway and no beta test has begun. The team is still hard at work on the game and I promise that we will reveal more when we can.

      For now, I hope you'll join us back at Infinity Blade and Shadow Complex. We are having tons of fun over there with challenges, tournaments, etc.



        A Jaded ChAIR Superfan

        Hey Brad! Thanks for the reply. ChAIR could never lose me forever. I'll always come back for more punishment lol. In all seriousness, I made this post to me an entertaining little love story to show my appreciation of everything CHaIR has done and to voice my frustrations because I want SpyJinx!

        I hope my passion for your games came through in my post and it didn't come off as a rant bashing anything. I wanted to make a post that would gather some attenation to wake the forum up.

        I'm only critical because I care. Those that remember me from the IB forum know I was very critical of the direction of the game but it was because I love the franchise. I also created a skill based IB3 club because I do love the franchise.

        I'm just inpatient haha and can't wait to give back in to a ChAIR Entertainment game.




          Great story, great write-up. Kudos to you.


            I loved your story and I have seen some of your IB videos as well. I'm right there along with you in that I can't wait for more information of some kind to be revealed on spyjinx.