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A collection of Spyjinx news


A collection of Spyjinx news

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    A collection of Spyjinx news

    Hi all,
    I've done my best to find all the news on Spyjinx and put it here, so here we go:
    • Feb 28th 2017 Polygon released an article where they interview Donald Mustard, the now "worldwide creative director" of Epic Games. He was the guy who started Spyjinx with J.J. Later in the article Polygon ask for a quick rundown on the six games Epic have in development, one of which is Spyjinx which is mentioned for a release "likely later this year".
    • Feb 28th 2017 Spyjinx Tweet out the following (article linked here):
      Coming Soon?
    • April 14th 2016 Spyjinx Re-tweet a news article that has a couple nice points (article linked here):
      Couple new points
    • Feb 5th 2018 Spyjinx respond to a Tweet asking them for information about the game and its release:
      Release information
    • Dec 1st 2016 Spyjinx release an image of some motion capture on Instagram:
      Motion Capture

    That's all the real information I can find that is new or interesting.

    Will update as more comes along.

    honestly looking on what happened to paragon I feel like this project has been paused or canceled. Thank you for the information. ive been searching everywhere and supposely some people are in closed beta. I dont think so but wwith all the fortnite hype and this year ending I see so little hopes of this game. I like the concept just hope they can deliver