Magic: The Gathering Arena
Magic: The Gathering Arena

Du weißt Bescheid. Lade es jetzt herunter und mach dich bereit für das kolossalste Crossover-Kartenset in der Geschichte von Magic: The Gathering. Schalte mächtige Decks frei, verdiene dir Belohnungen beim Spielen und lege gleich los – egal, wie gut du bist.
MAGIC JOINS THE PARTYThe world’s greatest trading card game meets the world’s greatest role-playing game in a new card set for the ages. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is filled with iconic characters, monsters, and spells from Dungeons & Dragons. Drop a Drizzt on turn five! Fill your board with beholders! Magic’s deep strategy meets D&D’s fun and social gameplay with new mechanics like dice rolling and Venture into the Dungeon cards. Whether you’re a fan of Magic or D&D—or both!—there's plenty of what you love to play and celebrate. What are you waiting for?



Game Revolution
von Alex Santa Maria
“After a year in beta, Magic: The Gathering Arena has worked out all of its problems. It's an excellent entry point into the long-standing card game and a more complex alternative to titles like Hearthstone.”
Game Informer
von Daniel Tack
8.8 / 10
“Fans of Magic: The Gathering finally have a digital product they can be excited for, with free decks and a constant flow of cards creating an enticing free-to-play experience”
PC Gamer
von Jody Macgregor
79 / 100
“Slick and generous, Magic: The Gathering Arena is finally the adaptation the CCG originator deserves.”
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BetriebssystemWindows 10 (64 Bit)
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ProzessorIntel Core2 Quad Q9300 mit 2,50 GHz
GrafikkarteGeForce GTX 8800 oder gleichwertig
GrafikkarteGeForce GTX 560
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  • Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Russisch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Portugiesisch (Brasilien), Japanisch
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