Playable Sitcom “3 out of 10” Debuts on the Epic Games Store, Free Episodes Released Weekly!

By Terrible Posture Games
Ok, sure, we’ve all seen plenty of light hearted half hour shows before, but have you ever played a sitcom before? Please say no, we like feeling special. Also, you can feel special too, by playing the first episode of the world’s first playable sitcom!

Terrible Posture Games (developers of Tower of Guns and Mothergunship), in partnership with Epic Games, are proud to announce 3 out of 10, a weekly free interactive cartoon about the absurd day to day life at fictional Shovelworks Studios, the worst game studio in existence, where they have never made a game that’s scored better than a 3 out of 10. The first episode is available NOW, right here, with additional episodes coming out weekly!
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Dive deep into a ludicrous narrative about fridge monsters, flammable furniture, and faceless spies, which might sound entirely unrelated to game development, but you’d be mistaken and also we really liked the alliteration. The premiere episode alone dives into the detail-oriented culture of shark fan clubs, the mysterious and narratively convenient superpowers of engineers, and a sprinkling of shadowy conspiracy (and dapper fashion accessories).
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“3 out of 10” is a unique celebration of animation and game design, a true love letter to this hobby we love. At least one person told us it felt like the future of comedy games, but we can’t remember who because it’s launch day and we’ve lost our minds.

You might be asking yourself; what genre of gameplay is this strange 3 out of 10 game? The answer is yes.
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One moment it’s a point-and-click adventure game. The next moment it’s an FPS. The next, a driving game, a brawler, a breakout clone, a pinball game. No genre safe from us (except MMOs, because a bunch of us worked on one for a long time and still haven’t recovered yet).

Anyway, we hope you’ll join us on this wild ride, and then join us again next week, and the week after! You’ll be able to experience “3 out of 10” for free, right here on EGS, every week for 5 straight weeks, starting today.