Flying city builder Airborne Kingdom now available for pre-purchase, discounted for a limited time!

By Ben Wander, Founder, Lead Designer
We’ve been hard at work developing Airborne Kingdom these past few years, and I’m thrilled to share that you can finally pre-order the game here on the Epic Games Store for $19.99! This is a special discount for $5 off and ends Saturday, June 20 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

At the PC Gaming Show, we revealed our latest trailer for Airborne Kingdom, highlighting new locations, buildings, and dayscapes. Let me elaborate on what has become a really special game.
TheWanderingBand AirborneKingdom Image 06
Airborne Kingdom combines aspects of city management and exploration. You lead and grow a community, seeking to use your unique knowledge — the ability to build in the skies! — to connect peoples separated long ago. Discover and harness the lost technologies of the Ancients to recreate a harmonious world. 
TheWanderingBand AirborneKingdom Image 07
You’ll have to manage providing for your people, helping others in the arid landscapes below, and keeping your kingdom aloft. But when everything is in balance, there’s a serene calmness in seeing your creation float across the clouds. You can see it all in action in our latest trailer here:
Airborne Kingdom launches this fall and we’ll be sharing much more from the game throughout the summer. If you’re intrigued already, consider a pre-order—not only will you get a discount this week, but you’ll also be helping our small team!

I’m looking forward to when I can finally see each of your unique airborne kingdoms!