Back 4 Blood Open Beta is Live For Everyone - Play Now!


Don’t miss your chance to go hands-on with the hotly anticipated spiritual sequel to Turtle Rock Studios’ Left 4 Dead. 

The open beta for Back 4 Blood is live and available to everyone (you don’t even need a pre-order), but you only have until 3:00 PM on August 16 to squeeze in as much intense four-player, co-op, and competitive multiplayer as you can.

With nearly 100,000 concurrent players during the last beta, don’t be the only one to miss out on this one.

While not a true sequel to the Left 4 Dead franchise, Back 4 Blood seems to be a follow-up in everything but name. Both are four-player cooperative games, which offer an eight-player PVP versus mode. And both first-person shooters were developed by Turtle Rock Studios, dropping players in a world overrun with the infected. And, fortunately, both feature safe rooms packed with narrative-driving and sometimes funny notes.

The differences, though, are what seem most intriguing in Back 4 Blood.

In Turtle Rock Game’s latest, players will no longer be in the hapless shoes of civilians struggling to survive an emerging zombie apocalypse, but instead, you’ll play as one of a member of eight veteran Cleaners, each with unique skills.

Instead of killing off the zombie-like creatures of Left 4 Dead, this time around, you’ll be dealing with the Ridden -- the product of a human infected by a mysterious parasite. And yes, they are a grotesque collection of body parts and frightening, incapacitating abilities.
Back 4 Blood Open Beta Deck Manager
The chief new feature of the game seems to be the addition of cards which are used to adjust both the player character’s stats and the play experience itself.

Cards can do everything from reducing reload speed and increasing stamina to granting health to a team over time when one of the teammates is incapacitated. Some of the more powerful cards also come with adverse effects, like adding support inventory to a player and reducing their health by 10 percent.

The beta will give you a chance to check out five of the Cleaners, as well as a selection of weapons, cards, and Ridden. You’ll be able to try out two co-op PVE missions and two PVP maps, as well as exploring Fort Hope.

If it turns out that Back 4 Blood is exactly your parasitic cup of tea, then make sure you pre-purchase a copy in time for the October 12 launch.