Epic Games Support-A-Creator 2.0 Membership Migration

By The Epic Games Team

S-A-C Creators,

Starting today, January 26, 2021, all active Creators that joined the Support-A-Creator program before November 30, 2020 can begin the migration process to Support-A-Creator 2.0! In order to stay in the program, you must complete this process by April 26, 2021. If you do not complete this process by that date, you will be exited from the program (with the option to receive a payout of any remaining balance).

How to Migrate to Support-A-Creator 2.0

Creators will need to follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Sign in to the Support-A-Creator portal, where you will be prompted to begin the process.

  • Authenticate your social channels with a minimum of 1,000 followers for automated verification. 

    • Existing Fortnite Creative Builders in Support-A-Creator 1.0 with fewer than 1,000 social followers should complete this form before migrating through the Support-A-Creator portal. These applicants will be manually reviewed. 

  • Accept the new Creator Agreement.

  • If your Support-A-Creator 1.0 payee information is currently incomplete, you will be prompted to complete your payee information. If you do not complete this information within 60 days after accepting the new Creator Agreement, you will be exited from the program.

Note: If you do NOT want to migrate to Support-A-Creator 2.0, you will also have the option to accept a final payout (if one is owed to you) in cash or V-Bucks and exit the program. 

What’s New in Support-A-Creator 2.0

The launch of Support-A-Creator 2.0 comes with a host of improvements, including a refreshed dashboard, a new automated application process, and automated security/fraud checks for social and payment methods.

SAC2 0 Dashboard Mockup

Support-A-Creator 2.0 also brings wider global payment processing support for Creators and additional country eligibility, including Belarus, Central African Republic, Congo (DRC), Liberia, Libya, South Sudan, and Yemen.

- The Epic Games Team

Support-A-Creator Frequently Asked Questions

Will Support-A-Creator membership migration impact my Creator Code?

The Support-A-Creator 2.0 migration process does not alter existing Creator Codes.

Do I need to complete payee information or Hyperwallet verification again if I have already done that?

Creators won’t have to fill out payee information or complete Hyperwallet verification again if they have already successfully done that. If any information is incomplete, however, you will be asked to complete that within 60 days of beginning the migration process.

When do I get paid under Support-A-Creator 2.0?

No compensation is earned or credited to you under Support-A-Creator 2.0 unless you earn $100 USD or more within a 12-consecutive month period. This means that if you do not meet the $100 USD compensation threshold within a period of 12 consecutive months, any attributed purchases and/or redemptions made by followers during that 12-month period will reset to zero. Please note that any accrued amounts that were migrated from your Support-A-Creator 1.0 program account to your new Support-A-Creator 2.0 program account will be counted towards the compensation threshold.  

Once you have reached the minimum compensation threshold of $100 USD, the payout will be sent to Hyperwallet for processing. Specifically, payment instructions are scheduled to be sent to Hyperwallet 45 days after the end of the month in which they have been earned by Creators. For example, February's payments are scheduled for April 15th, March's for May 15th, etc.

Do I need to do anything if I joined the Support-A-Creator program on or after November 30, 2020?

No, anyone that joined the Support-A-Creator program on or after November 30, 2020 is already in Support-A-Creator 2.0 and won’t need to take any action. If you’re unsure, sign in to the Support-A-Creator portal where you will be prompted to begin a migration if one is necessary.

If I choose to exit the program and accept a final payout in V-Bucks, how many V-Bucks will I get?

If your program account has an accrued balance of $0.01 to $7.99 USD and you choose a final payout in V-Bucks, you would receive 1,000 V-Bucks. Creators with program accounts that have accrued balances of $8.00 USD or more would receive a V-Bucks payout equal to 2X the base USD cost of V-Bucks. For example, a program account with an accrued balance of $8.00 USD would be eligible for a payout of 2,000 V-Bucks.  Similarly, a program account with an accrued balance of $16.00 USD would be eligible for a payout of 4,000 V-Bucks. Note that there is no cap, so Creators with program accounts with accrued balances of $100.00 USD or more may choose to accept a final payout in V-Bucks.