Simulation Strategy Game Industries of Titan Available in Early Access Now!


Citizens of Epic, 
We’re so excited to be launching Industries of Titan in Early Access today. Made by a core team of just 6 developers, this game is our take on a simulation strategy game which mixes city builders and management elements in a low poly / voxel world.
Industries of Titan allows you to design an industrial cyberpunk city among the ruins of an ancient civilization, and turn it into a massively profitable corporation. You’ll be exploiting the resources of the terrain to grow your city, employing workers to keep your industries flowing and eventually building your own defenses to fight off rebel incursions!
We’re coming out in Early Access because we have a massive vision for Industries of Titan and we want your feedback all throughout the process. We’ll be adding more features and gameplay systems throughout that period. It should be noted the Combat Simulation and Vehicle Transportation System won’t be enabled right now as we’re still working on it, but there’s plenty here for you to sink your teeth into. These 2 features will be among the first updates introduced during Early Access, with plenty more to come - take a peek at what’s coming next with our roadmap!
If you want to follow the development and let us know what you think, we’ll be the most active on our Discord server, so come over and say hi!

Good luck Founder, and see you on Titan!