Satisfactory Update #2 - Trains & Nuclear

FICSIT inc. proudly present a brand new update with a bunch of cool new stuff, such as Trains and Nuclear Power Plants. Choo! (Only 1 choo allowed. 2nd choo is DLC)

You can visit our website for full information here.

Trains will have all the appeal of the classic steam train, while more clean, efficient, powerful, and awesome! 
Added content includes:
  • Electric Locomotive
  • Tracks & Switches
  • Freight Platforms & Freight Cars
  • Train Station & Automation

FICSIT Inc. is also proud to present a brand-new, radical power source, as well as an entire generation of new parts! Ficsit Inc. R&D has toiled long, hard hours to get this technology to you, so now it’s your turn to take your factory to the next level! Tier 7 includes:
  • Nuclear Power & Waste
  • Uranium
  • Bauxite & Aluminium
  • Miner Mk3 + Belts/Lifts Mk5