Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One officially announced - become young Sherlock at the dawn of his detective career!


Hey folks! Today we are happy to announce our new game, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, a story-driven detective thriller, in which you will play as a 21 y.o. Sherlock, an aspiring detective, itching to prove himself to the world. It's a story made from our own interpretations of what events could have possibly led to the rise of the greatest sleuth we have all ever known. 


Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a detective experience at the core, taking place in the 19th century. But instead of the foggy, murky streets of London, we’re setting our story on an open world, Mediterranean island, where Sherlock grew up before moving to England. The game begins as he returns to these exotic shores - now as a complete stranger from afar - to investigate the mysterious death of his mother that shattered his childhood. Like always, Sherlock is not alone in his adventures - before John Watson he had a different best friend, Jonathan, whose story will play a central part in the game. 


With Chapter One, we are introducing the concept of global investigation gameplay. At its heart is a system that leaves it up to you to figure out each next step of your investigations, and find the synergy of the many tools at your disposal, including disguises, rumors, observation, combat skills, Mind Palace and many more! Each main and side quest will offer a difficult moral choice, which will test how well you conducted your investigations and how many valuable clues you found and correctly pieced together. 

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will release sometime in 2021, with an exact date to be revealed later.

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