Two Upcoming Free Titles on the Epic Games Store Next Week!


We’ll be releasing Moonlighter and This War of Mine for free on the Epic Games store on July 25. This is the first time that two free titles will release simultaneously during our weekly free game promotions. You may be wondering what made next week special?

This War of Mine is an M-rated title, which may be restricted by Parental Control settings for younger players. Whenever we choose a M-rated or PEGI-18 title as a weekly free game, we will also offer another free game that will be more accessible to players of all ages.

If you want to know how to enable parental control settings on the Epic Games store, check out the brief guide below:


The Epic Games Store offers the ability to use your PIN to restrict purchase and restrict access to content based on ratings.

How to set Parental Controls in the Epic Games Store

  1. There are two paths to open your account settings:

    1. From the Epic Games Store Launcher:

      1. Open the Launcher and login.

      2. Click on your account name in the bottom left corner.

      3. Select “Manage Account”.

    2. From the Epic Games Store Website:

      1. Go to the Epic Games Store Website.

      2. Login in the top right.

      3. Hover over your account name.

      4. Select “Account”.

  2. Once on the Manage Account/Account page scroll down to “Parental Controls”.