Tech Support

Welcome to our Tech Support page for Gone Home! Sorry if you’re having an issue. Here are some common questions and solutions.

Where is my save data and user data stored on my computer?

Windows: /Users//AppData/LocalLow/The Fullbright Company/Gone Home
Mac: Library/Application Support/com.thefullbrightcompany.gonehome/

Gone Home won’t recognize my controller! My controls are unresponsive, or are constantly spinning, that kind of thing.

This is usually due to a conflict with an input device like a flight stick, steering wheel, or touch tablet. It could alternately be a conflict with a virtual input device controller, such a vJoy. If your controls are unresponsive, or your view is spinning in place or constantly pointing at the ceiling, please disable all virtual input managers like vJoy, and disconnect any unique input devices aside from your mouse, keyboard, and Xbox or PlayStation controller. Gone Home officially supports mouse & keyboard input, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, and the PS4 DualShock.
If you can navigate the menus with the mouse but the keyboard controls don’t work for you, try deleting the “UserBindings.sav” and “DefaultBindings.sav” files and reloading the game. They’re in the savegame directory above.

My game seems to be running much slower than I’d expect on my computer! What’s up?

There are a couple possibilities. First, if you’re playing on a laptop, ensure the laptop is plugged into power while playing. Most laptops go into low-power mode when unplugged, making 3D games run slower. When plugged in, it should use full power for graphics acceleration.
Also ensure any other applications that use a lot of computer performance are shut down before launching the game.
A less common possibility is that Gone Home may have selected the wrong 3D accelerator device to use. If you have both a dedicated GPU, such as a GeForce card, as well as an integrated graphics chip on your motherboard, it’s possible the integrated (slower) chip was detected and is being used.
On Windows, you can use Windows settings or the Nvidia Control Panel to force applications on your computer to always use the dedicated card:
If you’re on Mac, you can check which graphics device an app is using in the About This Mac menu: You can change your power settings if using a MacBook to always use the dedicated card even when the laptop is not plugged in or is lower on power in the Automatic Graphics Switching menu:
If the game is using the proper graphics hardware and is still running slow, you can try going into the Graphics options in the Options menu in-game and reducing some settings. The one most likely to improve performance on your machine is setting your display resolution lower than the default.

My game is crashing on startup!

Sorry about this! We’ve seen a few potential causes:
Sometimes when another application grabs the display device, it can cause the game to crash. Try closing other applications that might steal the focus of the graphics device (such as video viewing/editing programs, other games, 3D modeling software, etc.)
Avast! Antivirus can affect some games very aggressively. If you’re seeing a crash immediately upon starting the game, you can try temporarily disabling your antivirus entirely (“game mode” is not enough) and launch again. As an alternative to disabling the software completely, you might also try the following: In Avast!, go to Settings -> Troubleshooting -> disable Hardware-Assisted Virtualization -> Reboot your machine.
If you’re playing on Mac, experience a crash, and the game won’t open again, try deleting the OS cache files in “Finder/Library/unity.The Fullbright Company.Gone Home.savedState” or “Finder/Library/Saved Application State/unity.The Fullbright Company.Gone Home.savedState” or “~/Library/Containers/com.thefullbrightcompany.gonehome/Data/Library/Saved Application State/com.thefullbrightcompany.gonehome.savedState” and relaunching the game.

I’m still having a technical issue and these suggestions didn’t solve it! Help!

If you need direct help figuring out what’s going on with Gone Home on your computer and the solution doesn’t appear to be online, you can reach us at Please include your system information (available through DXDiag on Windows or your System Info menu on Mac) and a detailed description of what you’re experiencing. We’ll see what we can do!