Halcyon 6: The Precursor Legacy
Halcyon 6: The Precursor Legacy

Celestial Behemoths roam the galaxy feeding on fleets of unsuspecting starships. Hunt them down to collect artifacts. Upgrade your powerful new Precursor Starship and unlock the hidden power of Precursor technology!

Halcyon 6: The Precursor Legacy

  • Hunt down 5 different species of Celestial Behemoths to obtain Precursor artifacts
  • Upgrade your Precursor ship using the collected artifacts
  • Hunt and eradicate 5 ancient Behemoth Elders for powerful trophies and lore
  • Boost the power of your fleet by equipping Elder trophies onto your ships
  • Start your battle against the Chruul on the right foot by adding the Precursor ship to your fleet
  • Upgrade your Precursor ship all the way to TIER 6
  • Unique New Precursor powers can reduce enemy resistances to make combos easier