Nexomon: Extinction
Nexomon: Extinction

Return to classic monster-catching, complete with a unique story, eccentric characters, and over 300 unique Nexomon to capture and train. Join the Tamer's Guild and begin an epic journey to restore balance before all hope is lost…

Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction is a return to classic monster-catching games, complete with a brand new story, eccentric characters, and over 300 unique Nexomon to trap and tame.
The world is on the brink of extinction as mighty Tyrant Nexomon fight for dominion over humans and monsters. Join the Tamer's Guild and begin an epic journey to restore balance before all hope is lost…

Begin Your Journey

Leave the orphanage you grew up in, choose your first Nexomon and start your life as a tamer.

Explore a world teeming with Nexomon

Trap and tame 381 Nexomon from nine elemental types, with powerful evolutions.

Join the Fight

Tyrant Nexomon roam free and the Tamer's Guild is stretched to the limit, can you change the tide of the battle?

Battle Trainers and Tyrants

Step up and take on would-be challengers and dangerous foes in beautifully animated turn-based battles.

Discover Diverse Regions

From arid deserts to freezing tundra, navigate challenging environments and manage their effects on your Nexomon.

Immerse yourself in the world of Nexomon

Uncover secrets, stumble upon side-quests and encounter a raft of eccentric characters.

Train hard to become the greatest

Dynamic difficulty will see the world around you get more challenging as you progress, as even defeated tamers come back stronger than before and ready to battle again!


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God is a Geek
by Lyle Carr
8 / 10
“Nexomon: Extinction is a fun monster collecting game, with great writing, that ultimately struggles to differentiate itself much from its peers”
by Sam Watanuki
“Nexomon: Extinction doesn’t provide a ton of innovation from the formula that made the first Pokémon games a success, but honestly, that’s a big reason why I think I enjoy playing the game as much as I do. I missed the boat on the newer generations of Pokémon games like Sword & Shield, primarily due to the fact that the more modernized gameplay just didn't appeal to me.”
by Matt Masem
4 / 5
“While the first title proved that VEWO could do a nostalgic monster collecting game, Extinction shows that the developer is willing and able to push the genre forward in more modern ways.”
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