Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Season Pass
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Season Pass

DLC 1: The Wildcards Providing a new playable race, new playable class, new companion. DLC 2: Varnhold's Lot Providing a new 12 to 16 hour bonus campaign. DLC 3: Beneath The Stolen Lands Bringing a new rogue-like dungeon delving game mode.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Season Pass

DLC 1: The Wildcards

A new playable race. During the poll to decide which bonus race we were going to add to the game, one particular option was requested a lot (besides the winner - Aasimars): Tieflings, the people with a drop of demonic blood in their veins. They didn't make it into the base game, but became the natural choice for the first piece of post-release content.
A new companion. If you combine a race with a class, you get a character. Welcome your new companion, the Tiefling Kineticist who comes, just like every other companion, with her own storyline. She could also be a romance option and may hold one of the positions in the Kingdom.

DLC 2: Varnhold's Lot

A new bonus campaign. While celebrating your victory at Jamandi Aldori's mansion, you've met another hero of the Stolen Lands: the mercenary captain Maegar Varn. While you're building your barony in the Shrike Hills and Narlmarshes, Varn and his people are establishing their own nation of Varnhold in the rocky foothills of Dunsward. What did they have to go against? Play this new story, and export the consequences of the choices you've made there into the main campaign!

DLC 3: Beneath The Stolen Lands

A new game mode. Sometimes you want to play a story with memorable characters, rich lore, and a complicated set of choices and consequences. But then there are days when you just want to grab a sword, cast some spells, and destroy a horde of monsters! This DLC will introduce a rogue-like randomly generated endless dungeon, complete with a new unique boss. You can explore it in a separate game, or as a part of your main campaign. How deep can you go?


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by Justin Oneil
8 / 10
“Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition is a deep isometric CRPG that any D&D fan will most likely enjoy.”
by Alex Novus
4 / 5
“If you're looking for an engaging tabletop RPG experience on the PlayStation 4, then Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition is indeed that game with intuitive turn-based mechanics in a classic archetype setting. Definitely great value for money”
by Doug Mercer
80 / 100
“Controls and obnoxious voice acting aside, Pathfinder delivers exactly what it promises and does so very well.”
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OSWindows 7 64-bit or newer
OSWindows 7 64-bit or newer
ProcessorIntel Celeron 1037U @ 1.80GHz
ProcessorIntel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
Memory4 GB
Memory8 GB
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 3000
GraphicsATI Radeon HD 5770 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
Requires Epic Games account
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English, French, German, Russian, Chinese - Simplified
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