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Civlization VI: Byzantium & Gaul Pack

This new content pack introduces Basil II as the leader of Byzantium, Ambiorix as the leader of Gaul, the new Dramatic Ages game mode, a new Map Type and two new World Wonders.

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Civlization VI: Byzantium & Gaul Pack

This new content pack introduces Basil II as the leader of Byzantium and Ambiorix as the leader of Gaul. The Byzantine Empire can subjugate enemies with religious and military might, supported by their two unique units, the Dromon Ship and the Tagma. The Gallic horde focuses on military flexibility boosted by a backbone of culture and production with their unique Oppidum district.

Includes the Byzantine Empire with Basil II, the Dromon Ship and the Tagma unique units, and the Hippodrome unique district.

Also includes the Gaul civilization with Ambiorix, the Gaesatae unique unit, and the Oppidum unique district.

New “Dramatic Ages” Game Mode (Requires the Civilization VI Expansion Bundle to play)

New World Wonders

  • Biosphere. Increases Appeal from all Marsh and Rainforest tiles. In the Gathering Storm expansion, it boosts Power and Tourism. In other rulesets, it grants bonus Science for every Marsh, Rainforest, or Woods in the city that built it
  • Statue of Zeus. Gives free military units to the city that controls it and increases Production towards anti-cavalry units.

New Map Script

  • The Highlands map is a large region dominated by hills and mountain ranges.


Game rated EVERYONE 10+
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