SuchArt FAQ
SuchArt FAQ

Why Early Access?

In short, so we can hear from you! SuchArt is a game made with passion (for real) and we want to make it as good and unique as it can get. This process involves paying attention to what the community has to say.
We’re planning to continue adding new features and opportunities to the game based on the players’ future feedback, and Early Access seems to be the best option for such continuous improvements.

What is the current state of the game?

The game is already fully playable and begging for you to create masterpieces. All the initially envisioned core features have been implemented, and there is a large amount of content to play with, along with a complete storyline.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

Probably around a year, but the exact duration will be adjusted to the development
needs and the number of features and additional content we decide to add. Ultimately, the full version will get released when we think the game is ready.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

The game will most likely evolve according to the feedback we get from the community rather than an already fixed set of features. But you can expect more content (painting tools, furniture, commissions, rewards, etc), a few extra features, and some more overall polishing.

How often will you be updating the game?

SuchArt is mainly being developed by one person whose time and energy resources are obviously limited, therefore we’re planning to release no more than 2 major updates per year. However, there’ll of course be bug fixes and small patches when needed, as well as there’ll be a public and unstable beta branch where players can help testing the new features/content as we develop them, before they actually get released in major updates.

Will my progress be saved during updates?


Can I provide feedback and bug reports?

Sure! You can leave your feedback on our Discord server (English only, please).